R&P Movies and Music – A classic 'rock and roll' flick?

Okay, so we were testing new speakers out, and of course we played some vinyls and music, but we wanted to hear how a movie sounds, so of course 1st choice is Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man. I have seen this movie probably a half dozen times and I still notice different things every

Honda Accord vs Mazda 6?

I currently own a Civic Sedan EX 2004, a car I enjoy very much. I'm getting ready to move into bigger league and my logical choice woul be an Accord Seventh Generation (2002-2008), everytime I see a first generation Mazda 6 (2002-2007), it made me turn my head. Especially the white and silver ones. The…

SURVEYY!! :) [stupid 20 characters!]?

1.) What is your favorite color 2.) What have you ate today? 3.) What kind of phone do you have? 4.) How many pets do you have? 5.) Do you like chocolate? 6.) Six Flags or Disney World? 7.) How much money is in your wallet? 8.) Do you watch tv alot? 9.) What did

Should we pull out of Iraq?

Should we pull our forces out of Iraq and other areas in order to have sufficient forces to invade Russia? Russia is getting too power hungry. They have sent a naval strike force and some fighter planes to Venezuela, a country close to the USA that does not like the USA. Doesn’t this remind you

How can a 16 year old girl make money?

I am 16 and my parents are up my *** about getting some money to pay for gas, clothes, insurance, etc. My dad has cancer and is concerned that if he dies, he will be leaving us to be in poverty. He also wants to get me a car before he “dies” (he thinks stage