Rate these people yes or no?

Vote yes if u like them no if u dont cena batista mysterio khali big show undertaker hbk hhh maria maryse ron simmons jbl kane edge orton dibiase jr cody rhodes hardcore holly hornswoggle old finlay new finlay tazz foley dreamer new jerico old jerico matt hardy jeff hardy

Would you ever vote for me?

Let's say I was a candidate in a general election of some sort (whether its for the President, congressman, senator, governor, whatever). Economics: -I consider myself fiscally conservative. I support a balanced budget amendment, a flat tax, and a tax rate that's based purely on the budget- no more,…

Are Arsenal's ''invincible's'' overrated?

Arsenal lost to Inter, Dynamo Kyiv and Chelsea in the CL. They lost to Middlesbrough twice in the Cup and Man Utd in in the other cup totalling 6 losses (and 15 draws) Real Madrid last season lost twice to Barcelona, then to Levante and Bayern Munich totalling 4 (with 6 draws) So Real Madrid