Published poems/short stories about child abuse?

Im Having alot of trouble finding poems and short stories that are published for my english assignment, I was wondering if anyone new any published poems or short stories about child abuse (physical, mental, or verbal) it would really help me out ALOT thanks.

Do you know the true meaning of the word “Douche?”?

I looked up the word “douche” in the dictionary and found out that it is actually a product used to cleanse a filthy or dirty vagina. I had no idea! I told my friend and he's like, “Duh, you didn't know that?” So I was like, “Oh please, I'm sure most people didn't know…

30/09/07 – Japanese Grand Prix – your views ?

After every race (now 2 left), you can post anything you like about what happened during the race on here. Instead of asking single question. E.g. Alonso’s crash as one, another question like lewis winning. also you can add stuff on here as well, so views, thoughts, ask questions and everything on here !!!!!!!

What does this dream mean?

When I was in high school, I went to the regional arts school instead of the feeder school that I was supposed to go to based on my location. I got into the arts school based on my ability to create visual art work. In University I study religion. I had a dream that I

14 Yr. old female b-day party ideas!!?

I am turning 14 in 2 weeks and i am in desprate need of party ideas that are not very expensive and that i can do mainly at home. my first idea was to host like a 14 yr. old version of a bachelorette party. plz tell me wat u think of this idea and