Do you ever feel like there is no hope for happiness?

Friday, December 18, 2009 I can't seem to get a grasp on living my life. I feel like I'm just horrible at it. I feel like people are constantly judging me. I walk into a situation thinking negative and looking for something bad to happen unintentionally. But when something bad does happen I panic and

Legal name change?

I left my sons father when he was a baby,8 years ago. I have recently married and want to change my sons name legally to my husbands,i havn't seen my ex for years,but his mum lives round the corner so i could get a message to him if i needed to. Do i need his

Im a sissy!!!! and i HATE MYSELF!?

Im 19 and im in college.. im not gay ,but my dad,uncle and friends,says that im sissy.. is not like i where a purse or a skirt…but sometimes when i react to stuff .. eg: yesterday,i step on a small lizard(dont ask how it got there),and freak and jump like pu**y i know is seems

Fun Cricket Question #2?

Which word describes your favourite player the best?? cheers 🙂 My fav player – as u all know, Rahul Dravid – Dependable….. calling him dependable makes me proud…. 🙂 RAHUL ROCKSS!!