American football vs soccer…?

American football: Most of the players no good shape They eat “sshit from McDonalds” No skills, because is too easy to grab the ball with 2 hands Because skills are so low, rules have to be complicate Soccer: Good shape because you have to be an athlete You need good skills to have control of

Am I weird if I love to be alone all the time?

I love being by myself. When I'm by myself I can relax and be myself. I hate being around other people. I always have to act a certain way, its very tiring! I'm 16 years old and home-schooled. I went to public school until 6th grade. I hated it! I love being alone! My mom

My browser “google chrome” does not show youtube videos fine.?

My browser “google chrome” does not show youtube videos fine unless I entered the incognito window, the video itself working but the rest of the page seems like it does not load or something nothing appears like views or subscribe bottom etc.. I tried to uninstall it and clear the data but nothing change.

VW beetle classic car questions?

Hey, i have been wanting to get a car to restore and give some time and care. i was thinking that a VW beetle would be one of the better cars to do this for. mainly becuase the parts are cheap and not hard to get hold off. i just have a few questions :

LGBT: Do most gay guys do this?

I'm 18, bisexual. I have a habit of going to the public bathroom and watching guys while they pee on urinals. Sometimes I meet a couple of guys who let me touch their penis. I'm really troubled by this bad habit. I want this to stop. But HOW? Do most bisexual/gay guys do this? Is

Complete These Sibling Sets?

Add one boy and one girl name (first and middle) to each of these sibsets. In some of the names there are small themes which you may be able to pick up, but aren't necessary. Best Answer will go to the person whose names I like the most. Please note that some of these sibling