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Do you think the Los Angeles lakers will make the nba finals with acquiring DWIGHT HOWARD AND STEVE NASH ? , if so do you think it will be MIAMI HEAT VS LAKERS , Kobe vs lebron James ( Who currently is the best basketball player in the World )

Why are gas prices rising so fast.?

I just don't understand. yeah, i know who does. i just can't believe that “they” would put this strain on people now when we are all planning our vacations. I mean not everyone is going to still go! so does that not effect the economy??? and why is it that not all gas stations charge

Why are teens alllowed to drive motorcycles?

My question is why are teens allowed to drive motorcycles, i am a teen and my mom bought me a bike and i still wonder how can california allow that. I mean i love it cause i can legally drive a motorcycle at age 16 which i couldnt in a car only to school but

How far does a little prayer go…?

I know some of you guys are sick of seeing questions like this from me, but I can't stop myself, (sorry). I have my final exam tomorrow then a few final papers to complete over the next couple of weeks. Then that's basically my Undergraduate Education completed. Can you all please, please, please say a…