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African American?

If you're a white person born and raised in Africa and you move to the United States and become an American citizen why don't we call you African American? On the other hand if you're a black person born and raised in America and come from umpteen hundred generations of people born in America and…

►► Who is your target audience◄◄?

In other words, when you ask a question, who do you picture responding? 1) Mainly your contacts 2) Male or female 3) under 30 or over 30 4) Whoever’s on P&S at the time 5) I’ll take any answers I can get – please…anybody just answer!!! 6) Other

Why are Religious people so defensive against Atheists?

I'm just minding my own business during my 6th period in High School when all of a sudden a couple of classmates ask what I think about God and I told them I was an Atheist. All of a sudden they began to harass me saying “Oh so you just thought there was nothing then