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Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?

Next year, my father wants to purchase a new car. Right now he has a 2005 Nissan Altima, but the new Altima has a CVT transmission which him and I didn't like while driving a friends. So were down to choosing between the 2008 Accord EX or the 2008 Toyota Camry SE. Both are reliable

Why are whites so mindful about the “Black” vote?

Even though “we” as Americans, had to pass the “Voting Right Act” in 1965 because whites couldn't comprehend the 15 Amendment (I am not surprised).But, 45 years later whites and charlatans, seem to care about why are we voting and who. You don't see any other race worrying about…

World War III is getting closer and closer?

Isnt it so? As all countries are not attacking Pakistan verbally and this may take its shape into war on Pakistan.And pak is the only islamic country who has Atom Bomb. So all world is unstable,So may take these tensions lead into World WaR III. Its a bit scary.How about you?

Dogs during Thunderstorms…10 points?

My vet reccomended that I buy a certain type of dog collar that will relax him during thunderstorms. When there are Thunderstroms my dog shakes real bad and he will have to go in the cage. I Was just wondering if anyone knows the name of dog collar?

Can canadians become dual US citizens?

I know that the us requires people naturalizing to become us citizens to renounce their other citizenship…some countries won't recognize the renunciation and thus these people are considered dual citizens – however is canada one of these countries, ie if i became a naturalized american, would canada no longer…

2001 GMC Jimmy Tranny problems?

My 01 Jimmy won’t shift into 4th gear. It’s a V6. Has about 75k miles on it. It worked fine this weekend….but now it’s not shifting into 4th. I feel it shift from first to second and second to third. Then it just runs high and won’t shift. Any ideas?

LeBron James is the most unappreciated player in NBA history?

People don't understand how talented this dude is. Name anyone that can give 30/10/10 and his team lose because he supposedly 'choked'. W/ the Cavaliers, people were saying how he couldn't get it done in crunch-time but never mention how Mo Williams never showed up in the playoffs the past three…