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Football jokes footie section…….?

Hey fellow footie section users!! how you doing? hope everything's well.. now, please tell me your favourite footie jokes. the one to make me lol or psml wins. here's mine, i decided to choose a Chelsea joke cause spurs fans already hate me lol… Two guys are walking through a cemetery when they…

Richard Dawkins “Root of all Evil”?

In Richard Dawkins “Root of all Evil” He seems to call Every Religion evil (which in some cases maybe true) However he attacks religious freedom by saying that “there is no GOD” and thus imposes his views on others which I would say causes conflict SO While trying to resolve the problem he…


Please answer this, it will only take a second 🙂 1. Would you ever feel uncomfortable or reluctant to correct someone who is superior to you (ex. your boss), even if not doing so endangered your lives? 2. Have you ever avoided pointing out a mistake made by someone else, simply because they were in