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Im doing a paper about PRO gay marriage…?

These are the facts/ reasons for pro i got… NOOOOO. The actual oldest known definition of “marriage” is bonding two as one” even before the bible. Its not going to be taught in schools cause normal marriage isn’t. the teachers who did are just idiots its not in the curriculum. all those commercials are…

What is your favorite Ancient Civilization?

Out of these civilizations, which is your favorite and why? Ancient Egyptians Ancient Aztecs Ancient Celts Ancient Maya Ancient India The Vikings Ancient Chinese Ancient Romans Ancient Greeks Ancient Japanese Ancient Mesopotamia

Is abortion being used as birth control?

“Despite agreement with their sexual partners about not wanting to become pregnant, half of women seeking a first abortion had not been using any type of contraception. Nearly all of the women in the Boston Medical Center study had previously used some method of contraception, but did not have it available…


Do you think the Los Angeles lakers will make the nba finals with acquiring DWIGHT HOWARD AND STEVE NASH ? , if so do you think it will be MIAMI HEAT VS LAKERS , Kobe vs lebron James ( Who currently is the best basketball player in the World )