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My Fiancée is afraid of sex?

My Fiancée (Hailey) and I have been together for nearly seven years and we have never had sex. The reason being she was raped when she was nineteen years old and she became pregnant with a baby girl who is now eight years old. She has not had sex with another man since and even

Are you buying Clinton's defense on the Iraq war vote of 2002?

According to the Huffington Post (a known support for Barack Obama) Hillary claimed that she was misled by the author of the resolution to think that it only meant to regain control over Sadam Hussein: Now, here are my two problems…

Why does my 2000 VW Passat not want to start?

I have had it not quite a year and have had lots of trouble with it starting. I have taken it to the dealer and they have put it on their diagnostic machine and have come up with nothing. I do get the check engine light all the time and a notice of emissions check.

Better to book a cruise early or late?

I’m planning a cruise in December 08. Is it better (price/room) to book it soon or wait til November to get a “last minute” deal? Also, if I book now, is it better to choose my room or go with a “guaranteed” category?

Published poems/short stories about child abuse?

Im Having alot of trouble finding poems and short stories that are published for my english assignment, I was wondering if anyone new any published poems or short stories about child abuse (physical, mental, or verbal) it would really help me out ALOT thanks.