Is the word “Easter” banned at your school too?

The largest city in my state has banned the word easter in all of it’s public schools. this is because the word offends certain people, who i guess have complained.

i am an atheist, but have to admit this really pisses me off!!
has anyone else heard of this?

Yes, it does piss me off a bit. I mean, I’m against school prayer and stuff, but banning the word “easter”? It’s pointless, and shouldn’t offend anyone. Heard of freedom of speech, anyone?

Ugh, this is the problem with society, we want to move forward without looking backwards, it’s not possible. Censorhsip will be the death of an informed society. My point is this, whilst I do not condone the word we have to recognise that there was a time when this sort of practise existed. Not so we can revert to those times, but rather so we can move forward. Should we forget that the holocaust ever happened? Gawd no! So we do we discuss it when it was such a horrible thing, moreover why do try to understand how the holocaust happened? In short, so we can never do it again.

I doubt that people are roaming the halls telling people to not say the word. I’m guessing this is one more example blown out of proportion. I suspect the reality is that public schools are not allowed to promote this or any other patently religious holiday.


“this isn’t a debate about easter. i already said i am atheist, so my opinion is obvious.”

No actually it isn’t obvious. You’re sounding like you don’t know what an atheist is. Why would you presume to speak for all atheists in your opinion?

“it pissed me off because it’s so board members had to actually take up meeting time to discuss and vote for this STUPID idea”

It’s hardly a stupid idea. I actually think it’s pretty forward looking of them to avoid the controversy of someone filing a formal complaint that they’re promoting a religion.

That’s fairly stupid. I’d say that your school system is about as bright as flat black bit of cardboard.

If you don’t mind my asking, what city is that? Is it Rhode Island?

Some things to remind the idiots about that day … the word “Easter” comes from the Pagan celebration “Ostara”.

Anyone who wants to ban the “Easter Bunny” for Peter Rabbit simply ignorant and idiotic.

I go to a private college. Not many people mention Easter, but we are allowed to say it of course. The word Easter is not offensive. Ramadan does not offend me and neither does Christmas. We have civil liberties right?

Not that I’ve heard. My area isn’t as oversensitive as some places. Some people have gotten into the act, but for the most part people of various views here are still happy to keep it at the mild level I grew up with. Where “Christmas” is still ok, but no one flips out over “holiday.”

Nope but only because we have a horticulture program and some of the flowers are known as Easter Lilys

The Funny thing is that Easter is not even a Christian word

it is named after the babylonian goddess Ishatar the goddess of fertility….thus the eggs and the bunnies.

If you ban Christianity than whatever the babylonian religion was named should be banned too ;o)

I hadn’t heard this. I’d be interested in knowing what city it was. I believe religion should be taught in the home and I’m Christian. But sometimes the whole PC thing can get a little ridiculous.

that is so rediculous.
that is extremely offensive to others as well. What about the faithfull people? Doesn’t it offend them more that they aren’t allowed to use that word more than it would offend others to have to hear it? It like calling that day bad or unholy. I mean COME ON. there goes freedom of speech down the toilet.

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