Is our legal system based on Judeo-Christian principles?

This is what someone on here claimed. But…
1. It's not against the law to work on the Sabbath, to have icons, to covet, etc. And all pagan cultures taught that it' wrong to steal and kill, so those rules are not unique to Abrahamic religion.
2. Our laws are much more fully developed. For example, we…

It isn’t based on Judeo-Christian principles. It is based on the Roman Republican system of Law. Which was based on Greek Democracy. Europe had law long before Jesus hit town.

Presuming you are American your legal system is based on English law.

Clearly that is based partially on Judeo Christian principles and there is far more law in the Bible than just the ten commandments. Much of that law was based on what might be called natural justice, just as later English law was. For instance the owner of a dangerous animal is the culprit if he knows it is dangerous and it kills someone. But if he does not know it is dangerous, then the animal is the culprit. That is clearly set out in the old testament.

I am involved in administralon of law, laws which were not found in any legal code until about 500 years ago. Intellectual property is basically a bargain between governments and inventors or authors made for the benefit of the inventors or authors at first and society as a whole eventually. It is based on real property law and on natural justice.

Foxy was blathering on about Cuba and other non-democratic states. Her ignorance and prejudice are manifest by her inclusion of Argentina. That idiot imagines that law in these places is arbitary and not codified. I will almost guarantee that criminal law in Cuba is all but identical to what it was before Castro came to power.

I agree, reading legal judgements is one of the most stupefying things I have had to do.

The 10 Commandments were here long before the pagan cult came along. The oldest document found is the Isaiah scroll is dated to be older than those laws re-written by Hammurabi.
The judicial system was based on Biblical principals. Read Exodus. If you think God is a Single dictator then you’re living in a dream world. There ARE places in the world where dictatorship still thrives. Cuba, Argentina, and some of the tribes in Muslim countries. Find out for yourself what REAL injustice IS. Might try living there.
From what I read and can speculate, that you’re a non-believer.
The Bible doesn’t read “hate” your family. Prophetic statement made by Jesus stating that mothers and daughters will hate each other. Not we should hate our family. Yup, You aren’t reading the Bible.

there is a huge difference between being “based upon” and being exactly the same as. I agree that our legal system is much different than the Judeo-christian laws (there is no law against speeding in the bible) but many of our laws are based upon Judeo-christian law.

No, the roots of our legal system are entrenched in the pagan past of the Germanic Anglo-Saxons which we inherited from England. They didn’t have to overhaul their entire legal system just to convert to christianity- the Roman church was always crafty about making the conversion as easy as possible.

Only the three of the commandments:

Do not kill
Do not steal
Do not bear false witness

Bearing false witness means testifying falsely, or accusing someone unjustly. It was used in cases before we had scientific testing to find out who committed a crime, if someone accused another unjustly and it turned out the accuser was lying, he would suffer the punishment of the accused.

Currently, many have gone to jail for baring false witness in court, i.e., perjury.


Although I have not researched this topic thoroughly, I believe that the legal system of the West is based on Judeo-Christian principles.

The book “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (… has chapters that the Catholic Church “codified, expanded, and improved Western Law” and “created International Law theory.”

A few other things where the Catholic Church has made the world a better and brighter place are:
+ Relief from the Barbarian invasions of the early middle ages
+ Rescued Christian and pre-christian literature
+ Spread agricultural and animal husbandry knowledge
+ Started and protected universities
+ Sponsored and supported science and medicine
+ Developed and sponsored modern economic theory
+ Invented charity as we know it
+ Western Morality
+ Created just war theory
+ Sponsored and influenced art and architecture
+ Developed the concept of inalienable rights

With love in Christ.

Only in a very distant, indirect, meaningless sense. Like how the adversarial trial system is based on trial by combat.

Is our legal system based on Judeo-Christian principles?

Foxy: The Bible doesn’t read “hate” your family.
-the hell it doesn’t, Jesus says to hate
your family and yourself and follow him.

Well yes, to an extent it is. The people who made the country, who made the constitution, were suppressed people who were forced to renounce their relgion. That’s why they started a new country, to have the freedom of relgion.

You can pick out specific examples, but the basis is still there. Society believes murdering is wrong because you’re taking another human life, meaning you’re being compassionate (or you just don’t want to be the next victim). Logically, murder could be argued as good (if you have no morals), because that’s one less person to worry about, to support, to deal with in society.

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