Fantasy Football EPIC trades?

Who gets the better end in these trades?

Trade 1
Team 1 gets: Ryan Mathews and Derrick Mason
Team 2 gets: Calvin Johnson and Felix Jones

Trade 2
Team 1 gets: Beanie Wells
Team 2 gets: Ahmad Bradshaw and Wes Welker

Trade 3
Team 1 gets: Arian Foster
Team 2 gets: Dez Bryant

Who wins in each trade? why?

Trade 1: Team 1 wins because Mathews Will have a great year and Mason could be a sleeper on the Ravens especially if Boldin doesn’t produce as they hipe he does.

Trade 2: Team 2 wins because Bradshaw will win he starting Job in NYG and is a deep sleeper with tons of long yard potential. Welker will got a lot of Receptions and will have a solid year. Beanie Wells will have a good year but its definetly worth the trade.

Trade 3: This is a bit obvious. Team 1 by a looooong shot. Botomline Foster is the Starter (RB) in Texas with tons of upside. And Bryant is a #3 WR and is going to be hated in Dallas.

Best of Luck 😀

trade 1:
team 1 should do better because derrick mason has always been flacco’s favorite target and mathews is looking to be the number one rusher in san diego. The Lion’s offense is still pretty weak so Johnson is a gamble and Dallas’s running situation says stay away from everyone there. There’s no telling who will get the most carries for them.

trade 2:
Team 2 is wayyyy better off here. Beanie Wells underperformed last year, and teams can play the run more often with warner and boldin gone. Bradshaw is relatively consistent, but wes welker is the best steal of all in this trade. He’s very consisten and will be a fantasy asset.

trade 3:
This is hard to say. Probably Dez Bryant, but he’s a number 3, but could just as well become the number 2. So team 2 will probably do better because slaton will still get the most carries in Houston.

trade 1:
close but i will ultimately go with team 1 as ryan matthews will get goal line carries while felix jones wont. Also, boldin should help free up mason.

Trade 2:
depends on who team 1 drops. Beanie will be good but if team 1 drops someone worthless, then tream 2.

Trade 3:
Dez Bryant. However, neither of these players are worth starting unless of an injury. But i would take team 2 with dez bryant because of roy williams inefficiency.

Trade 1
Team 2 Calvin gets over Mason and Felix over Matthews

Trade 2
Team 2 gets better trade
Beanie is going to split carries

Trade 3
It’s even but I have to say Bryant
so Team 2

The first is tough but I will go 121. Heres why, Johnson outstrips Mason barring injury but I’m hyped on Mathews being the premier back in SD and jones is being average at best. Ahmad will easily tye Beanie and welker is going to doing crazy numbers this season if he stays healthy. And with Dez missing so much practice I’m very nervous about him despite his raw talent. And Arian is going to start over Slator all season. There you go.

you want to assert if it truly is PPR or no longer. even if that’s, you’re taking huge downgrades. If no longer, it truly is closer, yet I nonetheless imagine you’re giving up too a lot. EDIT: In time-honored, i imagine i’d do this, yet i’d attempt a counteroffer the position you supply up Fitzgerald rather of Calvin. yet your bench WRs are very solid, so if he would not do it, you ought to nonetheless be ok. (i’m score Calvin more beneficial than Fitz. in case you do not, then ignore about this!)

None of those are EPIC trades.

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