Damages done by accidentally driving car without air filter?

Yesterday I came back from a three hour trip and just as I got back, I noticed the engine was idling rough. I looked under the hood, and sure enough, the air filter cover had unscrewed itself and had fallen off. To fix the rough idle, i know I’m going to have to take the carburetor apart and clean it. However,…

forget removing the carb to clean it…anything that got in just went strait through the carb to the engine…the rough idle will just be a vacume hose/pipe come adrift….
no long term damage will have occured….

making use of around without the filter out can harm the intake device. it rather relies upon on how grimy / dusty the roads are you’re making use of on. in the event that they are extremely sparkling then some making use of would be ok. notice that the automobile will suck in something it rather is floating around which includes dirt, airborne dirt and dirt, bugs, water etc and in all probability greater suitable issues. All of which your motor isn’t designed to run on. Why no longer place a stocking over the intake? having pronounced that in case you’re promoting it as areas, i does not difficulty approximately it too lots.

it really depends on air quality where you were driving. if there is alot of particulate matter you could have done serious and permanent damage to the cylinder walls. if not, change the oil, put on a new airfilter, perhaps run a carb cleaner through and see what happens.

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