Will Conservative be honest enough to admit Bush was a disaster for the Country?

Most Americans remember the Bush years as a period of expanding government, ruinous war, and economic collapse. They voted for Obama the first time as a repudiation of those developments. Many did so a second time because most Republicans continue to pretend that they never…

i remember a president who had over a 80% approval rating for months after 9/11 Obama and company must of known of this as well as there must be a reason the killing of those 13 Americans at Ft Hood was called ”work place violence” and the killing of those four Americans in Libya was blamed on an American made video The must be a reason we no long call it a WAR of terror

history buffs will bypass on debating that situation always. let them. What we opt to difficulty ourselves with in the present day is what type of president we now have. i imagine the info so a strategies shows that he’s a positive guy, yet maximum of what he has tried hasn’t accomplished a lot. i do not recognize that we may be able to positioned each and each and every of the blame on Obama, purely that our cutting-edge president has been in workplace lengthy adequate to flow faraway from putting each and each and every of the blame for proper now on Bush…..or conservatives. Liberals have accomplished their justifiable percentage of screwing issues up, in simple terms as conservatives have.

Compared to Obama, Bush was the greatest President since Lincoln

sorry, you LOSE on this one. most americans remember the Pelosi/ reid regime attempting to sell America a bill of goods based on promises no one could hope to deliver and then promptly blaming their failure on bush. people voted for Obama for the first time based on race and grandiose campaigning that no one, even Obama could’ve fulfilled.

that’s not exactly the case, but you’re not far off…

Bush wasn’t the focus last year in the election… but his policies were still alive and present with Mitt… you have to move away from those policies and draw clean lines… Mitt’s platform was vague and generic, much like bush’s in 2000…

When comparing that statement with the present administration, the answer is, President Obama and his policies have led to the downfall of a once great and mighty nation.

He kind of was but that’s because Democrats controlled the House and wouldn’t pass anything. Catch up and get it right.

I used to believe that but every day 0bama is in office Bush looks better and better.

Yea, that low unemployment, economic growth, low inflation, strong national defense and modest federal deficits were just terrible.

They voted for obama because of the gimmick of him.

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