Why do Conservatives believe all rich people worked hard to get there?

And why do they believe working hard guarantees becoming successful? There are lots of people who work hard from their teens until their grave and never accumulate any wealth. At the same time, there are loads of rich people who never worked hard or just worked marginally hard.

The conservative view is that the government should not be the only finding out winners and losers. somebody that digs ditches works very hard. that does no longer recommend they must make a similar volume of money as a doctor. except you have been to places like India in Calcutta or Haiti then you rather’ve little clue what its want to be surely poor. The conservative economic coverage is one in all smaller government. Being poor or wealthy isn’t a sufferer or victimization. Its additionally very infrequently approximately luck. Its the end results of the consequenses of strikes. that’s in actuality between the sole international locations in the international the place in case you artwork very hard you may actual replace your place in existence.

The vast majority of rich people earned every single penny and worked their behinds off for it.

If you want to be rich, take the risk. Most people are not willing to take the risk, and lets be honest, many are not smart enough either.


how someone achieved wealth is irrelevant assuming they gained it legally. lets say for example that i win 500M. are you saying im not entitled to that money?

as for working hard.

1st id like you to NAME someone who worked hard from their teens and never made ANY money?……..cricket……..cricket.

2nd there are MANY factors that go into gaining wealth. hard work is only part of it. nothing about capitalism, or conservatism ever guarantees wealth.

We don’t. But then again we also aren’t under the impression that all people that are poor are there because of unfortunate events out of their control.

You are right, you can work all your life and not be wealthy. But very few will work all their life and fail to provide for themselves.

I was not aware that I believed that.

Hmm, yet another thing to add to the list of $hit that I did not know that I did, thought, said or believed as a conservative until some f*cking moron liberal on here told me.

I do not believe that, nor do I believe most conservatives believe that either.
I have no argument with your comments following the question (nor would most people….conservative or otherwise).

Yea, lets spread the wealth now, right?

Because they can cast any shadow they want.Whose gonna know or care.

Maybe they are confused.

Because they’re slaving thieves, too.

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