What were you doing on the day September 11, 2001 happened? How did that day make you feel?

What were you doing on the day September 11th 2001 happened, How did you feel that day how many saw it on live television like I did? Do you think it will ever get better or get worse? What would be the best way to move forward from this and get on with life?

I was running an internet cafe. We heard it on the radio and then immediately started searching the internet for information. We saw the second strike live via a video feed. There were a bunch of people standing around one computer monitor. Everyone there was stunned. It wasn’t even anger, at first. We were just open-mouthed stunned.

“It”, as you say, will get better. It will just take time. I believe that as we wear down the terrorists and show people that we are serious about not being attacked, and the rest of the world recognizes that evil does indeed exist, it will all start to work itself out. It is also the responsibility of the U.S. to make inroads diplomatically. We have to establish better lines of communication and better relationships with other countries. I think a lot of the global issues are due to the fact that most of the world doesn’t understand us, or our motivations. And we don’t understand the rest of the world. At the same time, however, talk isn’t always enough. That’s up to the other side. If they don’t want to talk, and they want to keep coming after us, then we have to stand up militarily.

I had worked a 16 hour night shift and so I was in bed sleeping and my husband called me (we live in Toronto, Canada) and told me that a plane had just flown into one of the Twin Towers. Now being in another Country and all-I had never even heard of the World Trade Center (he had-having worked in Finance) so I wanted to know why did he wake me up to tell me that a plane accidentally flew into a tall building in another Country? It was tragic yes but things like this happen world wide every once in a while. Then he told me the relevance and he could hardly speak clearly -it was the first time I had heard him so emotional-he couldn’t explain-he said just turn on the TV. So I half asleep turned on the tv and I was really shocked. I called him back to ask why EVERYONE was not evacuating -not just in that building but the surrounding buildings as well. I was alarmed at how naive the average person was to the potential of structural damage even to the nearby buildings. Well being that I have a degree in Engineering and I have worked in Construction I have more knowledge of the dangers than most people but still -I couldn’t believe that able bodied people were waiting to be rescued when the way wasn’t blocked. Were they expecting the Fire Men to put them all on their backs one at a time and walk down the stairs with them? It was Ludicrous. I became so angry in the days that followed when I saw a woman on the news saying that she was the person whose job it was to make announcements over the pa system and she was told by her boss to announce that they would like everyone to remain calm and stay put until they are rescued. She said she made the announcement but later defied that advice and left and she feels guilty that many people died because of her ‘announcement’. I was even angrier when I found out that the building was given an exemption and was far from being up to code-it didn’t have enough emergency exits etc in place for a building that size. Also, I don’t think the building should have collapsed that quickly and I wonder why a building the height of the other tower was not evacuated when the first was hit. Only the American people can demand these answers or know the answer.

I was in my cosmetology class. I was really worried about my own safety at first because all people kept saying was ” America is being attacked” All I could think about was getting home to my son. Once I got home and started seeing those horrible images of the buildings and the people I was sickened. This happens in other places, how could it happen here? Now I just feel that as long as we keep attention on it and improve our security that things will remain calm. There will always be a group who has hatred for another… no matter who is right and who is wrong. All we can do is our best to protect ourselves and each other and hope nothing like 9/11 ever happens again.

i had just woken up and i heard it on radio news i could’nt believe it thats when i turned on the t.v. and saw what happened it was a real shock. will it ever get better the way things are going i would have to say no, but there is always hope that they will. the best way to move forward i guess is to work together and fight this problem from ever happening again. but when i first saw it it did get me upset i didn’t blame alot of the middle eastern people because i always believed that there are alot good and bad in every culture and besides i have friends who are middle eastern who are american citizens. i wasn’t afraid to go to work that day but it made me think about alot of things, it was later on that day i had talked with my brother who is in the air force and he told me that he was supposed to go to the Pentagon that day but he didn’t feel right and he was supposed to been in the area where one of the planes hit. but like many americans i did have a little anger in me.

I was a Delta flight attendant.

But I was at home on sick leave that day. Every time I heard of another plane crash that morning and what airline it was, I kept worrying Delta would be next.

It was strange for me as I watched the events of the day unfold on T.V. I was based in Atlanta at the time but had just transfered from NYC the month before. I often had to go to the Newark airport for work and I used to take the subway to the WTC, go outside and sit on the curb and wait for the bus to Newark. I still can’t believe that the curb I once sat on so routinely is now gone. Such a horrible, horrible thing to happen to so many innocent people.

I got a lot of calls from people I hadn’t heard from in a while because they new I was a flight attendant, but didn’t know for which airline, and they wanted to make sure I was ok. It felt nice that so many were thinking of me, but with every call, I felt even more sad for all the people that weren’t ok.

I wasn’t afraid to go back to work, though. They immediately put many changes in place to keep every one safe. I would still be a flight attendant if it wasn’t for that day. I was lucky enough to get to keep my job for just over a year after that and then I had to take a leave of absence in leu of being furloghed (like being layed off, but with recall rights) because there just was not enough people flying and therefore not enough jobs for us. I still hope to go back some day. It was the best job in the world!

I think it is important for the government to tighten border security. I don’t see how citizens can be protected if anyone is able to squeeze in without documentation. But just as important, I think we all need to try our best to live like we did before that day. I know it may be hard for some people still.

I was in 10th grade in Psychology class when i heard it. The whole school blew up in panic. Everyone in every class left to find either a t.v. or a radio, or got on the Internet. I was scared sh*tless. and wanted to go home. It was a day that i will never forget when the news broke out and my teacher’s eyes grew in panic. he sat down in his chair and when he looked up at the class i saw a tear run down his face and watched him mouth the words, “Dear God, what just happened?”

I was getting ready for college and my mother ran in my room. I turned on the tv and we both sat on the edge of my bed in astonishment. I missed the first plane but watched the second one hit.

It made us aware that we may seem to be the superpower, but they found our weakness.

The best way is for our nation to UNITE and show terrorists that we are behind our troops and want them to stop attacking us. War sucks, but what do people want us to do? I personally believe that if things don’t get better, than we should just nuke that damn country. They are ridiculous, and the people who want the Al-Qaeda to rot have already left their own country by this point.

Sorry, I have relatives in Iraq fighting for our country and hate to hear negative comments about the war. It wears on our guys….

I had just woke up, turned on tv in time to see 2nd plane hit. I couldn’t believe my eyes.It scared me really bad made me sad and mad. I will never forget.

I was in first grade, we went outside as a bomb threat, and then we colored and played tag. It was pretty fun… until I actually realized what was happening!

i was in first grade.we were playing when my teacher turned on the TV.on the news was a building falling so she talk to us about what was happen.i was scared.

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