What are your views on things like: Abortion Gay Marriage Education Energy Policy Health Care in this election

What are your views on things like: Abortion, Gay Marriage, Education, Energy Policy, Health Care, Death penalty and so on and so on in this election. Just want to hear what your true thoughts on these hot topics that might make or break a candidate.

Abortion…..I’m for it. It will continue to be done whether Roe v Wade is repealed or not. Better to have it done in safe environments by certified doctors (not to mention the woman’s right to have one).

Education….more funding is needed to pay teachers more money, improve safety at schools, and to keep the arts and music programs alive.

Gay Marriage…..I’m 100% for this right! The government should have no say on who a person chooses to marry.

Energy Policy….become less dependent on foreign oil, tap our own natural resources, and come up with alternative energy programs that protect the environment.

Health Care….I’m not sure what can help the mess it’s gotten to be. I’m still researching this one.

Death Penalty….I’m for it, and the appeals process needs to be limited to one appeal, and done within 1 year of conviction/sentencing. Agreements with foreign coutries need to be made so we can deport the illegals in our prison system back to jail in their own country. Let THEIR country foot the bill. If they are holding US citizens in their jails, send them back here to do their time.

Immigration…..secure all the borders, revamp the immigration process to make it speedier and less “red taped” (one reason they come here illegally to begin with…the process of getting here legally is a nightmare), do not allow children, born to illegals in the US, to have automatic US citizenship (and all the benefits that go along with it)

I am against a federal statute that makes abortion legal. I believe this should be decided by the states because their governments are closer to the people who live there and can make a decision based on what the majority of their population wants. Personally I am against abortion except to save the life of the mother, incest or rape.
I think Gays should be allowed to have a civil union that would grant them the rights and responcibilities of marriage. But, marriage itself should be kept for only men and women.
Education this one is very hard as I believe that all children should be educated but too many children in the public education system are not being educated. I am not sure what the answer is but I am quite sure the answer is not in Washington, D.C.
Our energy policy is just as convoluted as our tax law and works worse. If we need more inovation in energy we need to leave it up to the private sector. This is where we will get solutions not from the federal government.
My health care is my responcibility. Period. I do not need nor do I want the federal government in on my health care.
The death penalty needs to be stream-lined. There is no reason for people to be on death row for 15 to 20 years. DNA tests should be done on every criminal and for sure on the ones on death row. If these convicts DNA matches than they should be history. I don’t want to hear any whining about how wrong the death penalty is or how it does not bring back the victim or that violates the criminals civil rights. If he did it then he/she needs to pay the ultimate price.
The final thing I will mention is the IRS. This bloated waste of my tax dollars needs to go. We need the fair tax and we needed it yesterday.
What all this means is I will not be voting for a democrat.

We need to enforce the death penalty in a more efficient manner – it is more expensive because the areas are more “lavish” (in a way) and the length on time they are there, plus it requires more people to run that area of the prison ($$$).
I don’t think the federal government should be involved in gay marriage or abortion – let the people choose their own actions – there are people who are both willing and not willing to perform both acts. Let’s not continue to hand over our free will and mind to the government.
I think education has become a joke in this country because it is government mandated and parents have come to depend on the government to raise their children – that needs to be fixed (privatize).
I really hope a social health care system is NOT put into place. Americans are loosing more and more of their independence and forgetting what it means to be responsible and accountable for their own actions. What is going to happen to this country if everything becomes government mandated? Socialism?!?!?!
I really hope that there are enough people out there that still have common sense and can step up and point these things out.

Abortion: I think that rich Senators do not have a right to decide whether abortion is murder or not. Leave it to the people (states)

Gay Marriage: The government has no right to tell people who they can and can not marry.

Education: Everytime the government gets more involved in education, it gets worse and worse. Make schools more private and again, let the people decide, not rich Senators.

Energy Policy: Open up more negotiations with the Middle East and stop attacking them for nothing. Continue bringing in oil and encourage private institutions to search for alternative energy sources.

Health Care: Again, every time the government gets invovled in something, it just gets worse. Health insurance should be private, not controlled by rich Senators.

Death Penalty: What the jury says is by Constitutional definition, correct. So if someone is proven to have killed someone, they should receive the death penalty. I don’t want to have to pay to feed and house criminals.

Individual Liberties: Our individual liberties is what keeps us from being oppressed and over-taxed by our government. They take priority over all other issues.

Iraq War: Get out! The Mid-East has never been peaceful, and it never will. Just like Vietnam, it will be a disaster until we get out. So get out now!

But to be honest, these are but a facade — sets of values that divide American opinions against each other, hiding the real issues of government. It is okay to take sides, but these are not the real issues of government and the efficient management of the human race.

Well the truth is none of these are “hot topics” in 2008 if recent exit polls are to be believed. Those say economy and immigration issues matter (to primary voters at least):

But since you asked:
Abortion: I believe that life begins at conception but I also believe that abortion law is NOT for the Supreme Court to decide. I’d like to see Roe v. Wade overturned so the decision would be made state by state at the ballot box as it was prior to the SUPCO tinkering.

Education: Eliminate the Federal Department of Education. Uncle Sam should play no part in education. It should be decided on the state and local level by the School Board members directly elected by concerned citizens for the welfare of their own childen, not a government bureaucrat.

Energy Policy: We’ve been at the whim of the Middle East too long. It’s time to develop PRACTICAL electric cars as well as alternatives to oil for heating. We should spend money to develop long-range inexpensive electric vehicles and also NOT allow that technology to be purchased by oil companies to keep it off the market. When the oil market goes, it would adapt or be replaced. We didn’t prop up horses and buggies when the car came in…

Health Care: Lower the number of malpractice suits and find some way to encourage COMPETITION for drug prices. Perhaps better tax rates for those companies who price their drugs inexpensively? I’d also make TV/radio ads for drugs illegal. They should only be allowed to place ads in medical magazines. A market where people are encouraged to “ask their doctor about (DRUG)” fosters an environment that puts pressure on docs to dispense drugs they may not feel patients need just to keep them as patients and also raises prices on the drugs because drugmakers have to re-coup those costs.

Death Penalty: While I am still generally in favor of the death penalty, I am leaning towards allowing greater usage of DNA evidence before it can be carried out. It is an absolutely FINAL sentence so we should be very careful about how it’s meted out.

Abortion: Against (unless mother’s life is in danger. In which case she has a choice). Life should be treasured. Use protection, and be mature enough to accept the potential unplanned outcomes of your decision.

Gay Marriage: Against. Marriage is for a man and a woman. No benefits should be made to homosexual couples as marriage is a strictly constituted union.

Education: No for “No Child Left Behind.” It’s a stupid scheme that lets unqualified students advance when they are unprepared. Sometimes kids need to repeat a grade. It doesn’t make them stupid, it means they’ll understand.

Energy: The situation in the middle east is going to need to be faced by the next president. Until things there are settled, gas prices are going to continue climbing. I’m all for continuing to move the country towards alternative energy sources provided any drastic measures remain optional and NOT mandatory. If I want to drive my gas powered car and use my 80watt lightbulbs, thats my choice. However, congress just passed a bill which is going to make flourescents the mandatory light source by 2012. NOT for that. It should be our choice…its our bill right?

Health Care: Privatized NEVER government controlled. I don’t want to stand in line for hours to see my doctor. If health care is continued to be privatized, prices will remain low through the free market system. A giant government healthcare system would mean higher taxes and MUCH worse care.

Death Penalty: FOR…if someone is on death row, they deserve to be there. There is no point to continue to populate our jails with criminals in there for life. The death penalty is a threat…would you want a hardcore child molester, murderer, or convicted terrorist to continue living in a jail where they are given cushy amenities? I think not.

Thanks for the question 🙂

I put energy policy/ the energy economy at the top of my list. We are digging ourselves our own grave, and until we grab a hold of our resources and learn how to utilize them to their fullest potential, we will continue to feel its effects.
Energy policy’s effects have more impacts on politics as a whole than other issue. Fuel prices cause inflation and add on to the risk of recession, as well as a dependency on foreign oil. Developing fuel alternatives stimulates economic growth in the research and development center which means that we can transfer our fossil fuel trade deficits and convert them into green incentives. Of course this is also a great opportunity for furthering America’s education development and technological advancements, all of which will be needed in order to compete with the EU and Japan.
It obiousley has an envoronmental impact. Whether or not you believe man-emitted carbon is worsening the climate change, smog is polluting larger cities and even the small one I live in, causing major health issues, and mid-western factories cause acid rain in New England.
Then we have infrastructure. America’s power grid is decaying and more than in need of maintenance, it needs to be upgraded, or else we won’t be able to adapt to $100 barrels of oil. There’s a relative transportation problem as well. The system can’t handle the increase in traffic and mass transit is disappearing if not overcrowded and inconvenient.
Education and health care need serious revision, but the energy economy has the potential to swing the nation in very bad directions, and can harm anyone with or without an education and health care. I don’t believe the federal government has the right to deny abortion or marriage, and the issues should be taken up by smaller state and local governments in order to accurately represent populations in favor of two issues the nation seems to be either divided with or not concerned about.

Death penalty should be abolished. It’s more expensive to kill someone than to keep them alive and even if one innocent live is saved it is worth it.

Health care: I don’t know HOW to fix it, but it really needs fixed. Some second world countries have better health care than us.

Gay marriage: If the gays can pay their tax dollars to support the benefits that straight married couples can get, then the straight should shut up about having to pay their tax dollars to support gays. Here in America we have more than one religion. People don’t even need a religion!

Abortion: I am completely against it, but I feel it needs to remain legal. When a woman is so stressed as to get an abortion, she’s probably stressed enough to get one with a coathanger.

Abortion – support choice

Gay Marriage – support

Energy Policy – Oil & coal are finite. It’s cost will only continue to rise over time. Find another source.

Health care – we are the wealthiest nation and spend very little per citizen compared to other countries. we can do better.

Death Penalty – Support it in extreme cases only.

I’m against homosexual marriage because it degrades and invalidates the REAL institution and sanctity of marriage (between one man and one woman, as God ordained it to be). It is an act of immorality to allow such marriages to take place between the same sex – just gross!

I’m also against abortion, which is murder – the slaughter of unborn babies (American genocide) and I’m for the death penalty, which is also a God-ordained right given to our justice system to carry out upon those who take another life – murder. In the death penalty issue, it seems more and more people care more about the life of the killer than the life that was taken BY the killer. To me, it appears that people want to see the life of the murderer spared because, no matter how they’re put to death, it’s ‘too inhumane and cruel’. Well, how about the way the killers have murdered their victims, huh? With a baseball bat, a knife, gun, etc., but that’s NOT inhumane and cruel, HOW the innocent victim’s life was taken – that’s not important to many people. Those people that care more about the life of the scums that took a life just show that, no matter how the victim was killed, the life of the murderer’s life is more important.

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