My husband attacked me last night?

I'm 23 and so is he, we have been with each other since we were 18, he has never hit me before so this was really unexpected and I don't know what to do because its completely out of his character its like he was possessed. We were arguing about a girl he has been talking to on fb she's always flirts…

You shouldn’t have hit him. But he shouldn’t have thrown the chair.

Joint counseling is your only option, if he is willing. Sounds as though you are jealous and pushing his buttons.

He attacked the chair and the wall, you hit him, he defended himself. Sorry, but you are both wrong in your actions. He needs to control his anger, especially with an infant in the house. While your reaction is understandable, you were wrong and got physical first. He also needs to control his relationships outside the marriage and not have any that will cause conflict in the marriage or lead to other issues – women who throw themselves at him aren’t “friends” because friends support your marriage and your best interest. You need to not hit him EVER for any reason, same goes for him. You need to give him trust and respect, he needs to give you trust and respect and be trustworthy in his actions. You both need to put your son first and remember that keeping the marriage happy and healthy provides him with the best home possible. Resolve the issue with the other woman, if you don’t trust her which you have adequate reason not to tell him to stay with his brother until he ends the relationship with her, if this is a relationship that is ongoing (a work acquaintance or someone unavoidable) then set clear boundaries that you both agree to and respect and he needs to inform her of those boundaries. You are both adults, have a child and decided to get married, work it out, go to counseling, but don’t ever put your hands on each other in anger, better to take out a wall than to hit a person.

Considering he got that angry due to the fact that you don’t like how this girl talks to him when he is clearly married and has a child…it seems he is up to something. Might not be cheating but may be on the way. See what he has to say but keep your distance. Let him know that you are afraid for yourself and your son and that he needs to stay away for at least a couple more days.

Facebook is the root of all evil. I have had several ex girlfriends look me up and see if I would like to contact them. They are purposely doing it to push my wife’s buttons. We have both agreed to stop FB just because its such a big PIA. ( I do like that she is jealous though, and it has had great sexual perks)

Your hubby is going thru that “just had a baby-married-tied down thing”. He is probably excietd to get all that attention. Its your childs fault that he is a DILF—women are attracted to men with kids–saves them from going thru childbirth

be careful sounds to me like he treatened to kill you thats serious dont let him in if your by your self its better that way for safety reasons but let me play out what will happend he will get there apologize try to be super duper nice apologize might even cry tell you or promice you that will never happend again youll probably believe him and back to square one youll be your choice to buy his bs or not beacuse the hard part is to do it the first time then hell do it again asak yourself one question what gurantees you taht he wont do it again??? think aobut your son and his well being best of luck

Keep him at his brothers until he works out his issues. Do not dismiss this. Domestic violence is nothing to trifle with and is an indication of serious issues.

Either try counseling or divorce him, you will come to regret it later if he does anything worse to you.

i think he attacked you because he thought he was cheating on you. marriage is about trust and forgiveness. if he does further more attacking on you, report on the police, or talk to some-one.

I dealt with a similar situation a few months back…I am also 23…we were together a long time as well…and we have kids…he had never laid a hand on me…never even seemed like he would ever come CLOSE to something like that. Then….out of the blue one night we were arguing (which was a pretty normal occurance for us) and he told me to leave…I refused cause where the hell was I going to go in the middle of winter at 1 in the morning…he grabbed my ankles and ripped me off our bed to the floor, then picked me up by my shirt collar and bumping into everything on the way shoved me out the bedroom door…I was so shocked and apalled I automatically charged back in the room and slapped in and told him not to ever touch me again….then he grabbed me with one hand by the throat lifted me off the floor, slammed me on the bed and choked me until everything went black threatening to kill me…then still in the choke position, picked me up and threw me into an entertainment center….he almost broke my wrist…then he stormed out to smoke a cigarette as I layed there frozen, i went out the other door to smoke a cigarette and sat there crying and he came over like a minute later bawling his eyes out apologizing profusely…begging me to come inside and he couldnt believe he hurt me, and how he had never in his life done something like that before…he brought me in took off my coat took me in his arms and laid with me apologizing and crying all night…after much turmoil and consideration…I stayed with him, people make mistakes right? we had kids…and he never had done it before…and I loved him more than I ever thought it possible to love someone…he seemed sincerely regretful, and I felt I owed it to our family and everything we had been through together to give him another chance, after all…he technically didnt punch me in the face or anything right? and he was under SO much stress, no one else understood but i thought I did…things went okay for a couple weeks…in fact probably better than before…but guess what…that changed…and it got worse…a lot worse…I barely made it out with my life by the end…unfortunately my son wasnt so lucky….I still dont know what happened to him, its like he literally lost his mind…now…Im left living without my son…and my body is severely scarred and much uglier than before…and ALL I can think of every second of every day of my life….is if I had been stronger, if I had listened to that voice deep down that told me that first time was not okay and I should leave….the one I pushed aside because I looooved him so much and didnt want to live without him….then I would still have my precious son in my arms…HES the one i dont want to live without…and now I have no choice…I would give up everything in this world to go back and follow my instincts…This is not something I talk about…and this is my first time on this website and found your question, out of hundreds being updated what seems like every second…..i cannot tell you how much I felt obligated to share this with you…like I was supposed to…I beg you with everything in my being, GET OUT…take care of your baby…i dont have that blessing anymore…I hope to god maybe I was meant to come on here today to save someone else the undescribable pain and suffering Ive gone and am still going through….I hope my story helps you in some way…listen to your insticts hun…if you felt truly that everything would be okay….you wouldnt have gotten on here and reached out to complete strangers for guidance…remember that please

Try couple’s counseling. If that doesn’t work, leave him.

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