How fast can a mistubishi eclipse go stock?

I was just wondering what a 95-99 mitsubishi eclipse can max out to stock? I know their are different models. But how fast can they go in general? Fill in the blanks—-

i had a 95 GST and hit 137 with it.

some models had an electronic governor limiting them to 137 due to the factory tires the car came with, i’m not sure if mine did; i just ran out of room on the highway to keep going.

Integra… Manual Stock Because the Integra is Lite, the car’sbody is not obese the Eclipse is considered obese.And the Ls B-18 is a fantastic breed of Japanese engineering.Go for the Integra when you drive a Honda/Aura your a different breed of person.Eclipse looks very sporty but the Integra Looks simple the engine is not complicated and yet its a very well tuned DOHC engine..GO FOR AN ACURA Best Motoring

Go w/ the 3G Eclipse GT…I owned a 2000 GT and w/ just AEM intake and exhaust it hit 152 mph twice which is high for a V6…no BS! i currently have a 03 Eclipse GT. The GST and GSX are quick also though.

Whenever I watch Tv set I always feel like I should be doing something more successful

i own a stock gsx and gs hatchback and a 97 eclipse spyder gst convertible this is what iv reached
-stock gsx-131
-stock gs—125
– spyder w/ turbo runnin 12 psi intercooler oversized wastegate and bov, ckr forged pistons and a 4g64 evo 8 dohc head- its pushing out 439 hp and 412 fp torque and tops at 178

i have a GS and when it was stocked i maxed out at 130 now i max out at 145 with juss 2 mods

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