What would you name sisters using virtue names?

Another one of these questions that I seem to be asking a lot lately ๐Ÿ™‚ Just name 5 sisters virtue names from the following list ๐Ÿ™‚ Middle names can come from the list or be any other random virtue names…

Did you want virtue middles or normal middles? I’ll do both ๐Ÿ™‚
I also wish you had Clarity on your list!

— Grace Clarity // Grace Alexandra “Grace”
— Liberty Honour // Liberty Anneliese “Libby”
— Solace Gloria // Solace Amelia “Lacey”
— Prudence Verity // Prudence Sophia “Prue”
— Clemency Justice // Clemency Imogen “Emmy”

Grace, Liberty, Solace, Prudence and Clemency.
“Grace, Libby, Lacey, Prue and Emmy”


Grace Felicity
Amity Hope
Constance Joy
Verity Love
Faith Serenity

Grace Charity
Mercy Patience
Destiny Hope
Charity Truth
Bliss Verity

Serenity Truth
Glory Verity
Destiny Hope
Charity Faith
Liberty Bliss

Grace Temperance
Clemence Verity
Felicity Prudence
Constance Faith
Honour Liberty

Grace, Em, Felicity, Connie & Honour

Solace Grace
Constance Hope
Bliss Amity
Honour Destiny
True Serendipity

Grace Honour
Amity Constance
Felicity True
Verity Justice
Hope Serenity


Serenity Hope
Destiny Grace
Liberty Faith
Honour Love
Mercy Truth


Prudence Mercy
Felicity Grace
Verity Patience
Temperance Liberty
Glory True

I love virtue names

Verity Charisma
Amity Bliss
Love Serenity
Mercy Constance
True Solace

Felicity Grace
Destiny Kristen
Faith Juliette
True Hazel
Liberty Rozalyn

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