Why has Obama's close association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright not hurt his campaign?

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has said hateful things about Americans, Jews, and Israelis, and his place on the political spectrum would clearly be ultra-leftist with a strong racist attitude as well. Obama has been closely associated with Wright, but also with other racist, anti-American, and anti-Semitic individuals,…

I think the short answer is that Obama’s supporters either actually agree with Wright’s comments or they don’t have any particular problems with them. Still another group of Obama’s supporters simply don’t care, as they will support Obama no matter what news comes out about him, and, like the old saying, love is blind. However, among the Republicans and Independents, I believe that Obama’s association with Wright has hurt his campaign, and that if Obama wins the nomination, the Wright connection will continue to haunt him.

One of the things that has helped to minimize the damage against Obama is that the media and their various pundits have not done a thorough job of explaining what Wright has said or what the significance of Obama’s connections are to Wright. For example, Obama seems to make the claim that he was not aware of Wright’s tirades, and the media has accepted that as fact. However, since Obama has known Wright for more than 20 years, cites him as an important influence on his life, and has attended countless Wright sermons, such a claim is entirely lacking in credibility. Obama’s claim is not only not credible, but is totally ridiculous. Yet, the media has not called him to task on that point in the same way that they have attacked Hillary Clinton for her memories about Bosnia.

There’s an old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” There is much truth in the statement and it applies to Obama, just as it applies to Clinton and McCain, in their own ways. Obama has associations not only with Wright, but also with Jesse Jackson, Rev. Meeks, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Rev. Al Sharpton. All of these black ministers hold views and attitudes opposite to those held by the Rev. Martin Luther King. Wright and his ilk constantly engage in black vs. white controversies, whereas King strove to bring people together–and in a time when it was much harder to bring people together than it is today. Wright and his ilk also attack Jews and Israel as matter of ethnic prejudice. Now, ironically Obama is far more educated than Wright and his ilk, and knows that Jews helped to make civil rights possible in the U.S., working side by side with blacks. In fact, Martin Luther King’s closest adviser was a Jewish attorney, Stanley Levinson. And many Jews died defending the civil rights of blacks in the U.S.

But Wright and his ilk are also correspondingly pro-Muslim, which fits perfectly with their anti-Semitic and anti-Israel biases. Consider the quotation from Wright: “When [Obama‚Äôs] enemies find out that in 1984 I [Wright] went to Tripoli to visit Muammar al-Gaddafi with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.”

Then, there is Wright’s famous “God damn America” speech. Wright is saying that Americans deserve to be attacked because of things that the American Govenment has done in the past. Some people have tried to compare this to some of Martin Luther King’s speeches, where King has also severely criticized the U.S. Government. But there is a huge difference between Wright’s and Farrakhan’s inflamatory speeches, and King’s inspirational and timeless speeches. King attacked the U.S. Government and its leaders, but he did not attack the people. King never said, and would never say if he were alive today, that the American people deserve to be attacked because of things the government has done.

Although Obama has tried to distance himself from people like Wright, Farrakhan, Sharpton, et al., with clever speeches and rhetoric, his close associations actually tell us much more about what Obama really stands for than his specious speeches. For, indeed, birds of a feather do flock together.

I think it hasn’t hurt because, most people from blogs I’ve seen, kinda agree w/the Rev. they just don’t like how he said it. People are just fussing about him cursing saying the “N” word and God D America, but no one as of yet has been able to point to anything that he said as being far from the truth. The allocations that he made may be controversial but nothing that you don’t already see on the web before this came out. No one has yet been able to say what the “racist” statements were. People need to look up the word “racist”.

So unfortunately when you comment to my comment, I can’t rebutal but this is my view. It hasn’t hurt him at all.

The people aren’t stupid this guy really gets a hold of a lot of people in their hearts and souls and the rest of us are just in amazement of how it’s not affecting him. Seeing that how much smaller things has affected other candidates in the past years. The last two days there have been other things spilling out. Yet, I’ve noticed, you can only find it a little bit on CNN and not at all on MS NBC never knew what Liberal media bias was until now. I’ll bet this is how it was for Republicans with Bill Clinton with the media. They spent a whole week on Hillary’s exaggeration of her Bosnia trip. The pilot wrote in his report that there were made to have their flak jackets on hand. They had to make a military style landing, and there were reports that there could be hostile fire her story got blown up bigger than pasture Wright. Do you remember we Cheney lied about not seeing Edwards in the Senate, and it was regarded as a great political moment. It is all about how they give you the story. Most Americans did not want to vote for Obama until after November and not completely until Iowa. Before that they had all just been deceived by the Clintons. For almost 16 years now, I guess it’s like when you find the old car you really like drive it buy a new one. And suddenly that old car is a piece of crap

It has. It’s just that Hillary is the one he’s “fighting” against, and not many folks like her one bit, so it makes it seem as if he isn’t losing. If he fought his real opponent, John McCain, his downward spiral would be more evident. I took a poll today on the same subject, and it showed a majority of the poller’s in the thousands of the non-trust voters had for both Obama, and Hillary, yet McCain had over 100,000 approval. This was off of AOL, where typically Democrat’s use over Conservatives.

This campaign is only for the Dem. nomination. I think it just goes to show how much the Dems. don’t like Hillary. They have to choose one or the other or they won’t have a candidate at all.
The Presidential election will be a different story.

I also think that having people like the Clinton’s, Kennedy, Kerry, etc. the Dem. party is use to not caring if the people they put in office are morally and ethically bankrupt. They don’t expect anything better, so they don’t get anything better.

It has hurt his campaign, just not destroyed it. Maybe it’s because most people associate with others they don’t totally agree with, and they don’t believe in guilt by association. A cynical view might be that everyone at this level in politics has had to kiss a lot of toads to get there.

I wouldn’t classify Wright as ultra-leftist. He does seem to buy some conspiracy theories, but that isn’t specifically leftist. In the other statements I’ve heard, he’s preaching the repentance of (corporate national) sin, especially as a counter to overweening nationalist pride. That’s a not at all outlandish reading of the Christian gospel, which calls sinners to repentance, warning that we’re all sinners, and the one who thinks he’s righteous is in for a fall.

Obama was not harmed by Rev. Wright’s words because many people are not afraid and they’re able to recognize the truth in what he was saying. Some people can handle the truth.

Others, due to their own racism and hatred, are frightened and disturbed by a Black man using a stern tone. So much so, that they can’t really hear the truth of what he was actually saying. Some people can’t handle the truth.

Bottom line:
Obama is his own man.

Those that matter, don’t mind. Those that mind, don’t matter.

I would write a novel disputing your rant. I don’t even know where to begin where you got so many things wrong. There is a double standard. Apply your same logic to McCain and Hillary. They’ve both associated with people who have spouted hateful things. And Hillary has been Married to a Liar and Cheat for longer then any of the other candidates associations. What does that say about her?
To answer your question, i think people are not as Shallow and Petty as you want them to be.

Great question because the man is an anti-semitic pig that bastardizes the purpose of the church. He’s devisive, hateful, and shameless. I’m voting for McCain…he’s an American hero who wouldn’t stand there and listen to a nutty reverend year after year. I fail to understand why people are treating Obama like some kind of rock star…the man has ten times the baggage of Don Imus, yet Don was FIRED for making a comment about a group of black females. This reverend condems entire races and has even said “God Damn America” , and not one of those Al Sharpton type freaks has bothered to denounce his words. America is going down the toilet fast..hypocrisy, stupidity, and double standards have overtaken intelligent thought.

Because people who vote for Obama listen to his fairly tail speeches and empty promises while not doing any actual research. They dont know about his horrific voting record. They do not fully understand the repercussions of his flawed policies. He really could do almost no wrong in their eyes.
Everyone has racist Ideas. While I dont think he Hates white people he is obviously distorted in his views regarding race and the US.
For example, when Obama first was elected into the senate he gave a speech against the US companies going to South Africa and doing business w/ a Racist country Thus promoting racism. He stated the companies where also racist for doing business there as a result. The fact of the matter was they were Giving black South Africans jobs and management jobs that they normally would not get from South African companies. He was just talking out his asssss like his pastor. He was not doing anything for the South Africans as a people. They were happy the US companies were there to give them jobs. When you hear those quotes stating Wright talking about US in South Africa and read transcripts of his Obama’s statement in 1997 they are very simular in Ideas.

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