Cant afford to pay excess insurance on my car?

Hi, i was involved in an accident where my insurance company deemed that we were both at fault and i have to pay my excess of £500 and then my insurance will the extra bit (it is gonna cost 800)
the car is still drivable and i dont have £500 right now, so i was hoping that i can do it next month, will my insurance…

The repair garage will not release the car to you until you pay the £500.

Wait until you can afford the excess before putting it in the garage, so long as you have reported the isue to the insurers, they won’t mind keeping the £300 in their bank account a little bit longer.

You need to advise the insurance company of your position and explain that you cannot pay the excess until next month. Normally an Insurer won’t deal with a claim until the excess has been paid, so no work will start until you have paid the £500. Depending on the type and extent of the damage, they may not insure you to drive the vehicle until repairs have been carried out. Check with them about this, don’t take someone else’s word that it is ok to drive the vehicle.

I was in an RTA and it was deemed as being my fault my insurer has not mentioned I will need to pay an excess for the repairs of the third party’s vehicle and told me I would need to pay and additional £195 on top of my previously agreed excess because I am under 25. Do i still need to pay the excess whether I claim for the damages to my car or not. I also cannot afford my “NEW” excess of £345 and if I had been made aware of this additional charge when I took the policy out I would have gone elsewhere.

It all depends on what damage there is to your car. If its minor and only surface work and does not affect the safety aspect then your best bet would be to inform your insurance company that you can’t afford to pay the excess and ask their permission to drive the car for a month before you pay them the excess.

If they agree, then you are safe to drive. Don’t do it without asking them because god forbid you have another accident during the next month, you will NOT be covered because the insurance company will insist that you were not supposed to drive it around whilst it was damaged and that they did not give you permission to use it without paying the excess.

end stressful – you do no longer pay out the surplus cost! It comes out of any settlement. telephone them good away and document the coincidence. I repeat – tell them now, you haven’t any longer something to pay. however if it extremely is deemed to no longer be your fault, you will get the completed payout besides without result on your top rate or no claims bonus.

Yes as long as you reported the claim, you can have the repairs completed at a later time when you have the deductible amount.

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