Boerboel owners/fanciers: Any advice?

My fiance and I plan on adding one to our brood in the late spring of 2011. I absolutely fell in love with one at my job and have been getting my hands on any experience with them that I can. Any advice? How do you burn off all that energy? Would a mile a day run and heavy backyard play suffice? Thinking about…

first of all, plan to get a female. boerboels still have a high level of same gender aggression and since you already have multiple males, bringing in a male would be a definite issue. Our ddbs (french mastiffs) eat about 6 cups of kibble per day when full grown. You have to be cautious of over exercising when they are young (until about 2 years old) as it negatively impacts their joints, so the firts several months are very difficult because it’s very difficult to burn off the energy and still be mindful of their growing bones and joints. If you plan to have children in the future, or if you have lots of kids around, you may want to reconsider this particular dog.

I spent hours talking to a breeder last year (we were next to eachother in the crating space at the Toronto Sportsmen dog show) and can tell you that he himself says the vast majority of them are not good with children because they are fairly new to the pet trade market they are still very close to their working roots with a high prey drive, aggressive tendencies, and very dominant personalities. I love big molosser breeds and admire the boerboel very much, but would not consider bringing one into my home. Talk to reputable breeders whom you have no intention of buying from because you often get more of the truth when the sale of a very expensive puppy is not on the line and see what they think of your situation.

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OMG…same questions for the second day?

As you put yesterday…You saw one of your co-workers with this dog and decided to get one….GOOD IDEA

They are NOT for an inexperienced owner…

buy whatever you like…and then deal with the consequences…this is ridiculous

They’re DOGS…………..all require the SAME training & management!

You’re claiming all this “expertise” (cough cough gag ) & yet haven’t figured that out yet?
& never heard of CRATES either?
Or know that diet is immaterial?

*&* still buttonholing random children online? Instead of doing your own homework/research?

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