My Characteristics (Pisces)?

Made a post earlier and no one could guess my Zodiac Sign. Decided to reveal the it and ask for your opinions. Is there something wrong with me? I am a Pisces yet my characteristics don't match really well. My previous post with all my…

Seriously? I am not a pro or anything but… you’re a Pisces? Someone enlighten me… You sure you’re a Pisces? 😛 Why the hell do you have so many weird characteristics? I have Pisces friends… They’re quite different from you. 😛

Emotional, moody, sensitive, (crys at sad movies) sympathetic, good listeners, likes fish and other seafoods, intuitive, psychic, prone to addiction to anything, loves to be near and on water and is a romantic, they give red roses to their dates those are the males, the females, wear fake flower as accessories in their hari and Pisces is ruled by the feet, they love all types of sexy shoes from flip flops to blacj thigh-high boots and even leggings will do. They women love fashion. Thei best love matches in the zodiac are Cancer, Scorpios, and Pisces, also earth isgns like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, Pisces are great devoted lovers and are not unfaithfull people……………..

I didn’t get to guess last time. I would’ve said Pisces.

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