Why is Obama suddenly playing up his Muslim roots when he tried so hard to distance himself from them before?

ABC News' Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller report: The other day we heard a comment from a White House aide that never would have been…

the truth is coming out and he can no longer contain himself from his true nature

Because probably 50% of Americans believe that if you’re Muslim, you’re a bad person. He didn’t write a weekly piece on his heritage, but didn’t dodge these issues in the primaries, it was everywhere. Obviously he is free now to express that he is willing to extend an arm of peace to people that accept it in that region, and identifying with them in a vague way is a smart approach. Did McCain do a weekly piece on his vote against Martin Luther King Day? No, because it would have hurt his numbers.

I sincerely don’t see where this writer is coming from. Obama’s own book about his life tells you that his father was born into a Muslim family. It was repeatedly discussed throughout the campaign. The right repeatedly attacked him for it. I thought everyone was quite aware that his father had been raised in a Muslim household, but wasn’t a practicing Muslim. It was very common knowledge and not ‘hidden’ at all for the past 3 years.

There are so many different cultures that fall under the umbrella term Muslim. It like lumping every type Christianity together and asking what they wear. Besides the different sects of Islam having different rules regarding clothing, the people who practice it come from all corners of the globe and dress differently depending on what the norms are where they live. Norms also differ depending on the situation like if you are outside of the home or inside the home or members of the opposite gender are present.

He’s not really playing up his muslim route. Even if he did is for the best of the country and ppl like u. America need to get their face out of that stuck up *** of them. Is for the best of the country. If white ppl hadn’t mess this thing up then it would be a problem. I’m not trying to be racist but it is true. The truth it hurt. The same thing with IMF, 9/11, WW 1, WW 2. Is all started because white people thing that they’re so arrogant and selfish. Just look at how bad the economy is right now ( whose the GM, AIG, and those other bosses) They all arrogant, selfish, crazy white people. I’m neither hate black, white, mexican, asian, women nor “minority”. I’m telling it the way it is. Let the man fix the country. I wish there is a historian that re-write history book and put more asian, black, native, and other race and women on the book rather then all about white ppl. If he is faking to be a christian than it would be our job to judge him GOD is. He’s trying to do the job the best he can and sometimes using what u came from is not a bad thing. I wish i can debate with all you people that think’s that he’s either a flip flop and stuff. Get a life all of you white people go to outside world.

The man hasn’t a clue what he’s doing day to day, it’s nothing new. His entire presidency is a sham. We still don’t even know if he was born in America or not. I know what you mean though…. he pretend to be such a devout christian in order to get into office, but now that he’s in, he’s approved a homeland security report labeling all christians as potential domestic terrorists. Like I said before, the man hasn’t a clue what the heck he’s doing. He’s just jumping around from one thing to the next based on what he thinks sounds good at the second (yet nothing he says ever does).

The average voter knows his background and still voted for him. The Republican candidates and Republican mouth pieces made that well known during the election.

Obama never hid the fact that his dad was a Muslim, Obama went to Indonesia for school and Obama has never made it a secret that he would approach Muslims countries differently then we have previously.

Also, the best way to approach negotiations is to develop a common ground.

However, Republicans are spinning his background into a negative due to their polictical bias.

No wonder the average voter got tired of the games and political spin of the Republican party and voted Democrat.

Its like he said the other day “you aint seen nothing yet”.
We neo-cons already new that 2years ago, so its a “I told you so!!!!”
I remember this being a hot debate here on Y/A during the campaign The LIbs denied it. They have no idea of the monster they elected.

He never tried to play it down. He even joked about his middle name but I didn’t read your whole question cause it is a rant or troll not a question….but I will pretend you are a decent person who really wants to know….He is a Christian doing what Jesus said to do. Making the world his friends after Bush made them our enemies. Did you shave off your mustage?

He wanted to become the President of the US so that he can do an inside job. He has always and will always be Muslim whether he practices it or not. He bows down to Muslims and stands by them and will betray all Americans in the case of taking our side against the Muslims. We tried explaining this to the Dems before but we were unjustly accused of being “racist rednecks” because we saw the truth when all they saw was skin color.

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