Why does everyone say Dick Cheney is bad/evil/controlling?

Please give reasonable explanations with examples if possible. This is for serious answers, not a crusade against the Bush administration.

Dick Cheney proved to everyone he thinks he is above the law a few weeks ago when he said the office of the Vice President is not part of the Executive branch. But a few weeks earlier he said his office is not part of the Legislative branch. So he’s his own branch.

Dick Cheney and Ken Lay, former CEO of Enron, put the Energy policy together behind closed doors, to help themselves.

He has a huge stake in Halliburton which was awarded no bid contracts to construct military facilities in Iraq.

Everything he does is shrouded in secrecy and he acts as if he is above the law and not accountable to anyone.

During the last election he used fear tactics in the Bush/Cheney campaign saying that if we elect a Democrat we’re going to get hit again by terrorists.

He worked for Richard MILHOUSE Nixon who said “If the President does it, it’s not illegal.” He has carried that philosophy into this presidency and has tried to dismantle our system of checks and balances.

He drowns kittens.

Because he is.

Look at how he has controlled Halburton. It is disgusting that they gave his prior company no bid contracts. Then to make matters worse CHENEY was the one who was having private meetings to create the energy policy which Bush signed off on..but yet he never made public who was involved in creating the policy or the idea behind it…citing executive privilege, which has never been used to hide the creation of those policies which affect EVERYONE.

Also the fact that Cheney didn’t notify police until 18 HOURS after he shot a guy doesn’t sit well with me that he is a “Nice” guy either. There have been ballistics which have been done and that small of grouping could have only been done at a close range…not the yards that Cheney said there were between the two…which proves that Cheney SHOT THE GUY ON PURPOSE!

I know there are more examples, but these are a few off the top of my head.

Two things to start you off. The rest you can learn by actually just paying attention to the news.

1. Right after becoming VP, Cheney called a meeting to solve the energy problem. There were no alternative energy people invited. It was only his oil company cronies. The meeting was made top secret and no one has ever found out what went on there.

Energy is arguably the most important policy issue of our times, as the oil is running out.

That Cheney, an oil man, invited only his oil cronies speaks volumes.


2. DicK Cheney really did shoot a friend in the face. OK, it was an accident. But the, somehow, the incident was not reported, and the man he shot had to come forward and apologize to Cheney.

How about it, friend. I’ll shoot you in the face, and you apologize to me.

These are perfect iconic examples of what’s wrong with this man.

America will be lucky to survive him.


Behind the scenes his activities are questionable. In the past, all visits with administration officials were kept on publicly available records. Recently, Cheney claimed he was not a member of the executive branch (!) and so his records are not made available. This shows that he has intent to hide whom he meets with, and I wonder why?

When Bush claimed that Americans did not use torture tactics, Cheney went behind the scenes to push for provisions that would allow torture.

He’s insists in drawing a connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda, as far as I know he is the only person on the planet that believes this besides his closest followers. This is to vindicate the actions the administration he is part of have conducted.

The no-bid contracts for Halliburton to reconstruct Iraq were pretty shady.

There’s also his partyline opposition to homosexuals rights, which runs counter to his family life. Whether he believes it or not, I don’t trust a man who would publicly denounce his own daughter. Rethink your politics if you must, Mr. Cheney, but family should always come first.

Finally there’s President Bush, who’s horrible speaking habits often give the impression of dim-wittedness. People assume that if the President is that foolish, then someone must be pulling the strings. Dick Cheney is a natural guess, because he’s psychologically next in line, and because he does appear to be aware of his surroundings most of the time.

Although there was that time he shot his friend in the face…

Many good answers already. One that has not been mentioned yet is his involvement in the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). I will link to their Statement of Principles in the sources below. At the bottom, you will see Cheney’s name along with a number of other well known, high profile people. It is this organization that is most commonly associated with neo-conservativism.

It is a matter of record that PNAC advocates making use of its world dominance to further US interests. A much lengthier link is under Rebuilding America’s Defenses — its gist is a call to beef up the US military. Look briefly at chapter V, specifically the statement about a “new Pearl Harbor” near the top of page 51. 9/11 conspiracy advocates have used this statement to suggest that PNAC played a part in staging the 9/11 attacks in order to justify a more aggressive role for the US as the imperial power of the 21st century.

Conspiracy theories aside, PNAC papers themselves confirm that neo-conservatives advocate that the US play the role of a dominant empire. Many (myself included) fear such a philosophy and view Dick Cheney as a central mover of that philosophy.

Politically because he supports wars for profit and manipulates the word of God to justify unchristian slaughter.

Personally though, it’s because of the angry, bitter look on his face at all times. No matter where he is or what he’s doing, he always has that angry little look on his face. He could be on the Teacup ride at Disney World and still look like you just peed in his cheerios.

It’s like a cross between a sneer and a grimmace, but with the subtlety of a smirk… which makes it all the more wrong. On top of this, he’s always wringing his hands like Monty Burns about to say “excellent”. There hasn’t been a photo of Cheney yet that I have seen where he doesn’t look like a comic book supervillain.

He looks like the kind of guy who’d call you on his cell-phone asking for help hiding the corpse of a stripper, who doesn’t even say thank you when you help bury her. He’d just sneer at you and make some comment like “it is good that you know your place! You WILL serve… Now go get some stain remover and clean out the blood from my carpet! I Command you!”

Whenever I see Cheney’s face, I think to myself “That’s what Dr. Claw’s face must look like from the Inspector Gadet cartoon”.

Dick Cheney believes in a closeted, secretive government which does not reveal any information of its business to the public. (Look up the Freedom of Information Act, Gerald Ford, and Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Anton Scalia’s involvement in it)

Whereas, the founding fathers set up our government to be the exact opposite of that.

So it upsets a lot of people when Dick refuses to cooperate with governmental investigators who are trying to do their job.

For example, we saw Dick practice this type of government policy with the Energy Task Force meeting, where he refused to release the names of the attendees and what they discussed. Yet these energy reps were served a 5 star meal at the taxpayers expense at the VP mansion (also paid at taxpayers expense).

Dick, as much as he refuses to acknowledge it, is a public servant and open to scrutiny.

Because Bush had to shift the blame somewhere and Cheney plays the villain well. That’s only fair, because Cheney’s as serious as four heart attacks and a pacemaker failure–which has stuck Bush with having to be his own Dan Quayle.

It all needs to come back to Bush. Not just Cheney, but every appointee. When you set a weasel to guard the hen house. It ain’t the weasel’s fault.

I think it’s great. HOWEVER I will not believe anything will come of this unless it becomes mainstream and it goes to the courtroom that isn’t some kind of frigging shame. Like the 911 commission was. Peace Jim .

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