Why do muslim/arab men bear the stereotype that they hate women and don't treat their women with respect?

perhaps because it is true to some degree….? any rebuttals?

No rebuttal here! They do look at women as inferior to themselves in most walks of the middle east. One step behind walking down the street, cover their hair and/or body so other men can’t look at them in admiration. Not all are like that but a majority… hence, the stereotype!

What’s the typical connotation for pit bull or Staffordshire Terrier? Did you know that they typically are a very good pet around children if gotten from a good line? But all you hear about are the ones that tear people up… hence the stereotype that pit bulls are bad news! There are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners!

Never dear, this is just misconcept and misunderstanding.. You will not find any relegious book which is clearly mentioned weman’s right and duties other than quraan and the dos and donts of the phrophert. Yes sure Isalm( Arab/muslim) does not allow weman to expose herself to public and mingle with dance and parties, but give her social respect and prefer her to stay at home and look after children instead of nannys. And the man are also treated as well, he should not mingle with other ladies and parties which will lead the society to a real hell, what the west face today. Pls try to understand before critisising anything.

best regards.

there are thousands of sites available to understand islam, but do not look the doings of the muslim named people those who dont understand themsleves.

Because all that Americans see on the media, men hating on women, but I bet that there are some Muslim/Arab men that do respect women, but we just don’t see it because news segments on how we should hate Muslim/Arab people gets more ratings than how we should accept them…..its sad really.

Because thats exactly how they are….They feel men are for recreation and women are only for procreation….I have been over to the middle east several times and everytime I’ve seen men and there women, the men treat them like they are nothing.

Western Ignorance.

You are mistaken. Muslim men hold women to the highest honor and respect, but they see them as inferior to men.


Western men objectify thier women, It is more important in the US, at least, for a woman to expose her big round breasts and butt than to lead a life of dignity. at least Arab men expect their women to cover themselves.

Perhaps because they keep their women wrapped up in blankets so no one can look at them. Or maybe because they don’t allow them the same privileges they enjoy as men. Or maybe because they’re allowed to keep as many of them as they want for wives. I don’t know? What do you think???

If by respect you mean encouraging them to dress up and paint their faces like whores, go out and copulate with strangers like b.i.t.c.hes in heat, sell their bodies like some cheap commodity, they definitely have no respect for their women.

Then why do they cover them up? That isn’t very respectful. If they dishonor their family, like being raped, don’t they get executed. You are in a state of denial, Burkas suck my dear you should not have to cover up who you are.

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