To Obama supporters? Do you want to see another Republican in the white house for another 8 years?!!!?

Seriously, aren't we tired of the Republican war-mongering policies, the policy of fear, bad economy, high gas prices and the assault on people's privacy?! Don't u think that by supporting Obama u are contributing to another republican win for the presidency? Yes, he is a great guy, but he is not…

Instead of looking at it in a way of republican vs democrat, lets look at who is best for the job. I don’t see real strong candidates on either side and think we’ll be screwed whoever gets in there.

If elections are based on winning the most votes Hillary Clinton liabilities would be less a problem. Clinton hatred by the GOP is equal or greater than illegal immigration. Rural areas are maybe 20% of the nations population, but if 2 states shift away from Clinton she has lost the election regradless of winning by a landslide on the coast.

Why you think red states dem govenors, poltciticans are picking Obama because if Obama can grab just one state or two states in the west it can tip the election. Gonna be messer than 2000 if Clinton is the nonimee. Obama probady not get the nonimation, but I think he will be president someday. I dont agree with Obama because of idealogical differences and think hes a decent person great speaker for the young people. Clinton Bill and Hillary are powerhungry and maniuplative lairs have no respect for them.

I think it would be a serious mistake to allow the Republican party to dictate who the Democratic nominee should be.

Hillary can’t win because of her high polling negatives, Obama can’t win because he’s black, Edwards can’t win because his hair is too nice…

You mention John Kerry as an example of an unelectable candidate, which is ironic since “electability” was largely the basis for his selection as the 2004 candidate.

These doomsday prophecies are self-defeating. We have a surfeit of excellent candidates this year, including several who have already dropped out of the race.

The eventual nominee will do just fine in the fall.

By all means vote for whichever candidate you prefer for whatever reasons you have, but don’t believe the sky is falling if he or she is not the nominee.

traditionally presidents in uncomplicated terms shop on with via on approximately 25% of their campaign grants. regularly, they desire to do all of them, that’s why they promise…and then they discover out that obtaining issues completed in Washington is plenty like breeding elephants…. It occurs with very a large number of roaring and screaming. It occurs at a intense point. It takes 2 years to get effects. i’m specific maximum of them advise properly, yet no president can basically walk in and do even though they want, no matter how properly meaning. And Obama is not any distinctive. i’m hoping he can do countless the failings he grants, yet after watching previous presidents, the two Democrat and Republican, I basically quite do no longer anticipate it.

Hilary Clinton is not ready for the title of president. She is weak on the issues, she’s annoying and she cries in public too often and uses scare tactics against other fellow politicians and all of that is not OKAY. I will never vote for another Clinton in the White House. Hilary Clinton has ALREADY been the first lady in the White House.

Vote for whomever you want, but as for me, if Obama wins the nomination, he has my vote, if he doesnt, either I won’t vote or I will vote for someone who is destined to lose like someone from an Independent party.

And no, its not because I am black. Obama is CLEARLY of mixed heritage (father is Kenyan and mother is a beautiful white woman). I agree with him on the issues and I want to give him the chance to enforce his proposed solutions to the issues WHEN, not if, his next address is at the White House.…

Read the most current polls before you dismiss Obama. He polls for a win against most of the Republicans and ties with McCain. Look at Clinton, she loses to most of them!!

Clinton is a divider, Obama is a uniter – no doubt about it!

When we pick Clinton and she loses to McCain will you help pay for my move to Canada or Mexico? Are you so sure even once you read the polls?

I am telling you first hand that there are people here in Mississippi that would vote for Obama, a black man, over McCain (“the old white guy”). These are staunch Republican gun toting, flag waving, southern boys. They actually think Obama is bright and isn’t politics as usual. Doesn’t that mean anything to you – this is MS for heavens sake!

People either like or hate Hillary – there is no way to change their minds. All Repubs hate her, many Dems do too. The Indpendents and Young Voters will make the difference and they like Barack!

Read those polls and get back to us…those are real current numbers.

Oh – and doesn’t the fact that KARL ROVE has practically annointed Hillary as the nominee scare you? Don’t you think he knows who his party can beat? The man might be the spawn of Satan (sorry Satan) but he’s brilliant.

This is why the political process is such a joke. Too many people are too scared to vote for the people who they actually want.

Practice democracy: cast a real vote. Don’t over-strategize based on what you think is going to happen — if too many people do that, then it actually will. If people stopped voting out of fear, we probably wouldn’t even be talking about a mediocre, “safe” candidate like Hillary at this stage of the game.

I believe that either Obama or Hillary can beat the Republican nominee. John McCain is old and out of touch. He wants to stay in Iraq for 100 more years. And 60 percent of the country said they wouldn’t vote for a mormon. So Romney don’t have too much of a chance. Huckabee doesn’t believe in evolution so that ain’t going jive to well with a lot of America. I don’t think the other nominees have a chance to win.

But hey don’t count Edwards out yet.

I agree with Pantsface about Edwards, all he has to do is say

he is working on a national living wage that will lower the

crime rate, inprove the economy,keep familys together, let

people be able to pay for the basics.

That would be about one fourth of the the US.

Obama IS the only chance the Dem’s have. People really DO NOT like Hillary.

There are a lot of Republicans who will vote for Obama. There are also a lot of Independents who will vote for him. These same people absolutely would NOT under any circumstances vote for Hillary. This is a very well know and accepted premise.

Vote Clinton BJ’s on every corner and excessive gun control. Would rather take my chances with Obama.

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