How racist can you be and still vote for a black president, I say no one that voted for Obama can be racist?

So to extend your argument, if you didn’t vote for Obama then you are racist?

Pretty simplistic view of life.

i’m a goat… and from an area where there is not many other races. There are some white people that are racists, while many others are wanna be racists. They are conservative. Yet, most people in that area vote democrat. Even though they go to church twice a week, they vote democrat. Thus, I am certain there was a white racist, perhaps wanna be, but the politically correct cannot tell the difference, that voted for Obama.

Why? I do not know or care, but the area is so economically deprived this whole “recession/depression” has not really phased the way of life down there.

I don’t believe you know what a racist is. The 95% black vote for Obama lets that cat out of the bag.


Don’t worry about definitions or facts. They just get in the way of a good racist model. Voting for someone based on their skin color could never be considered racist in your world. Neat!

Why not? People can vote for a candidate simply because they want something out of it. That’s like saying anyone who voted for McCain must be a racist because he is white. What about the black population who voted for him? You can’t tell me there was no bias there.

Yes of course they can be racist. If someone votes for Obama because he thinks all blacks are the “master race” and whites evil, is that not racism?

I say If a person voted for 0bama because he is black then they are racist.

So are you implying that if I didn’t vote for Obama that I am a racist? You don’t even know me and you are insulting me and your intelligence.

you’re able to have voted the old white guy fairly. Obama is bi-racial and not African American. we could no longer forget approximately his mom is white. His dad became black yet he chop up on Obama a protracted time in the past. possibly Obama could have taken that hint.

Racism is not a one way street. People who aren’t white can be very racist.

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