“Women make men go crazy” MORE LIKE MEN MAKE WOMEN GO CRAZY…?

I'm asking because I've came across this question a few times “Why do men commit more crimes” and most answers “Because women make men do it” and “Women make men crazy” which is probably just blaming women. But I watched about women in prison and most of the time, a man MADE…

Wow you really hate us don’t you?!

I agree that spouses can drive each other crazy, but I don’t do any of the things you listed, and half the time I still think my wife is crazy. The reason men say women are crazy is the same reason most women don’t understand men. It’s not that men are bad and women are good. It’s not that women are right and men are wrong. It’s that men and women usually have two completely different ways of looking at things and thinking about things, which makes it difficult to get on the same page sometimes. If you married a guy who does all the things on your list, you might actually be crazy.

Correction. Men are the ones who get caught.

Women do a lot of shady stuff. Including influence the mind of murderers through suggestion.

I can’t tell you how many times a woman has come to me complaining about being slighted with a one sided story manufactured in the hope that I’d become, “the instrument of her vengeance.” Lesser men don’t detect this behavior because they are under the impression your tears are genuine.

at least men take responsibility for their crimes. Women don’t admit to being calculating masterminds. Always the victim you are.

People who commit serious crimes such as serial murder generally have a lot of things wrong with them… I don’t think you can put it down to the actions of men or women as a whole. This doesn’t happen in the vast majority of the population. I think you’re very confused.

Men do not commit more crimes than women, thats a lie, men are just arrested and penalized at over twice the rate of women who commit the same crimes

What you mean to say is that women never take the blame for their own actions…they must always be a victim and blame it on a man….ya, we’ve heard it all before, after all that concept is at the very roots of feminist theory.

There you go shifting the blame on to another person instead of just accepting the fact that her own will made her do it. I’m assuming that your also going to say Catherine Kieus husband made her cut his d!ck off. People like you make me sick, nah f$%k that anybody that tries to shift the blame on another makes me sick.

@ B: How dare you have this preconceived notion of what I do an don’t care about. No it isn’t fine with me, your just angry because i poked a hole through your faulty argument.

we are all responsible for our own actions regardless of gender. In my opinion LOVE makes people crazy n do stupid things

I didn’t read what you wrote but boy do I agree! Men can make women go crazy just as much as women make men go crazy!

Women are the source of all evil.

It actually goes both ways.

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