Will having to call in on my last day of work affect my future?

So, I put in my two-week notice a few weeks ago after working somewhere for about 3 months (started off as a summer job, but I stayed a little while later), and I had one day left–Thursday. But I just found out this morning that I had to do a ton of testing this week for college admissions to attend college in the…

I disagree with others who have implied that your actions will damage your reputation at your current company. As you said in your post, you had an excellent record of promptness and attendance, and only the need to take college admissions tests forced you to call in to miss your final scheduled day of work. The supervisor may be temporarily irked, but after having cooled down and thought things over, that person will probably be fine with it. You’ve been at the company for only three months, so you’ll have lots of other experiences which you’ll be able to use as references. I believe that any time you are spending on worrying about this situation is wasted, and your energy is better focused on other matters.

the effects of your not being on the job your last day will be (1) your superior – and maybe other employees – will not be happy w/you (2) you can’t use that company for a reference, so your resume – if you have one – will show a gap that you will need to explain to future possible employers……….actually you could use them as a ref, but the comments from them would not be positive


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