Will a 347 small block crate engine fit in a 1999 ford f150 4×4 with a 5.4L v8?

yep, but i’d swap a beefed up AOD in with it. the 5.4 transmission has a different bolt pattern. AOD-E would work too, but you’d have to swap a computer with it.

The Chevy will not replace a Pontiac engine without exchanging the frame brackets, the exhaust and the transmission. The EFI wil not run without an aftermarket computer system and a high pressure fuel pump which will be costly. It is certainly possible to put a manual transmission trans in the car but it will not be easy and will cost around $3500 for a good trans and peripherals. 430hp is not squat anyway and it is a peaky horsepower so no fun to drive. Why not go ahead and install a 454? Much more powerful, about the same cost and no more trouble. Or easiest, look up a 455 crate Pontiac on the internet and install that one afternoon for free.

Ford F150 5.4 Crate Engine

Yep, with the motor mount swap, transmission and mount swap, radiator hose swaps, drive shaft swap and your computer swap, shift linkage. And most likely your wiring harness, unless proper plug ins are installed. All in all, $$$$$$$. I would invest in a stroker kit for the 5.4 or an older truck or mustang already set-up for the 347. The 5.4 kit would be cheaper and a computer swap. All you would have to do is drop it in to your already ready hook-ups. Add your fuel pump and proper injectors. Find the mud and go to it.

The engine will physically fit, but it will not bolt up to the transmission.
The modular engines (4.6 / 5.4 / 6.8) have a unique bell housing bolt pattern.

probably not ford has always been very finicky about exchanges for as long as i can remember, their tranny’s wont bolt up but to maby 1 other block pattern, double check me but i seriously doubt it,

it should fit, a 5.7 liter is a 350 and a 5.2 is a 318, your inbetween so you should be completely fine

yes it will fit.even a big block would fit.

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