Why does it matter if there is black representation in the White House?

Pretty sure a black politician can screw us all equally as much as a white politician. What’s the difference?

It really doesn’t matter what skin color the president has. But there is a very important symbolic significance to having a black president, for that will mean that this country has finally overcome its history of slavery and discrimination against black people.

I don’t see much difference …with the exception of the fact that outside of the mere fact of racial difference, regardless of the quality of the candidate/Pres. there are apparently numerous folks in the USA who are RADICALLY opposed to the possible of a Black Pres.

They feel for whatever reason, this is the last straw and the end of civil obediance to a government and process that cotinues to demasculate/insult it’s citizens.

My personal concern on this is that more time, energy and wasted effort is going to be focused on the Pres. race, rather than mending the breeches of the BUSH years and getting America back on track.

I’m just guessing but look at what happened with this Rev. Wright thing. This guy Wright is unimportant really but the rad element won’t let it go and those that want to undermine the candidate of color, will lean heavily on this and interupt any hopes of progress for the USA.

video clips: Roots, Queen-starring Halle Berry, Sounder, the super Debate team- starring Denzel Washington, training Day, American Gangster, Sparkle, remember the Titans, Glory, Mississippi Burning, For colored women human beings, Diary of a Mad Black women human beings human beings, Madea kinfolk Reunion, Why Did i’m getting Married section I and II. television: T.I street to repair (documentary because of the fact of his incarceration). solid circumstances, The Jefferson’s. Log into Youtube and enter the infinite titles i discussed.

Who said it matters if there is black representation in the White House??

I would much rather see someone in there who represents the American people. There certainly hasn’t been for almost 8 years now.
I don’t care what race, gender, or religion they are. As long as they have our best interest at heart.

there is only one candidate more suitable for that representation. I don’t think i need to say who….i will just say this it’s not a Clinton or a Republican!

Its good for all kinds of ppl to be in the gov so that all different kinds of ppls interests are taken to heart and all different kinds of ppl are represented. I could ask you why its important that a woman is in the white house. Do you think a man will understand the plight and needs of women?

In this situation? The difference would be Racially Biased. If Obama were(Massively big IF) to get elected, I have no doubt that the majority of things to get put to congress will be biased. We need a President who is there for us all, not just certain category’s.

Ha Ha, so true. But there are some who think that a black would turn this country all around lmfao! Problem is, Obama is not black, he is interracial….

how would we ever know if blacks can screw it up, when whites are to afraid to vote and put one in, or is it their afraid that a black would do BETTER than whites and they will look like fools in the end for trying to be superior and not wanting a black in the white house in the first place

Giddyup, you sound as stupid as your name sounds

Nothing, just not Obama and if I were you I would research what this man is all about.

Racism, that’s why. The fact that there’s a big controversy over a black president proves that it’s racism–because without it we wouldn’t think twice about his color, only his qualifications.

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