Which is more likely to win a race starting at 70mph, a Nissan 370Z or a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS V8?

camaro ss.. 430hp vs 330hp.. and the two cars nearly weigh identical… so yeah the camaro ss ftw

The Camaro SS will eat that Franco – Japanese marshmallow for lunch (Yes, Renault and Nissan are one company)! Both cars weigh about the same and the Camaro has a huge power advantage! And the Chevy will not “break down before it crosses the finish line”! People that talk like that know nothing about cars! The SB2 Chevy V-8 is one of the best engines in the world! Makes great power and gets great fuel mileage as well. Just because a car is “Made in Japan” does not make it unbeatable and just because it is a Chevy does not mean that it is going to break down. Chevies have carried my butt for many many enjoyable miles in my 40 plus years of driving, owning and repairing cars!

I like that “as long as the Camaro doesn’t break down across the finish line” The imports are going down the same road as the domestics did years ago. They are becoming complacent, like Detroit did. Ford has higher makrs than Toyota, same with Cadillac and Lexus, with less owner complaint with the GM brand than the import brand. By the way, I had a Toyots bought back under the lemon law, and thught it was a fluke, and traded the next new Toyota in on a Buick, and never looked back. Keep your import, I’ll stick with what is now better, and I’ll enjoy winning too. And driving a new Camaro never looked so good.

At 70 the v8 would surely win.

the Chevy if its stock against stock but if both modded the Nissan has the better chance..

The Camaro as long as it doesn’t break down before it crosses the finish line.

Larry, your poor uninformed individual, the LSx motors are some of the most reliable motors out there, nice try.

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