What kind of pet best suits my living needs? Guinea pig, rabbit, or something that I haven't considered?

Better for ME, not for you.

Anyway, I'm in college and dogs and cats aren't allowed (plus my gf is allergic to dogs) where I'm getting an apartment next year, so I wanted to get a small, low maintenance pet that I can let wander around the apartment and is able to keep itself moderately…

Actually it sounds like a rabbit is perfect for you! And since you’re not wanting to cage it, a Flemish giant would be perfect. They’re sweet and more outgoing than smaller breeds.

When litter training a rabbit, you don’t want to overwhelm it at first with you WHOLE apartment right away. Give him a bathroom at first, then expand his area slowly over a few weeks. Same goes for the gf’s apartment.

Flemish giants enjoy being handled and held more than smaller breeds. They’re larger more confident rabbits. They’re also very sweet 🙂 they do eat a LOT though! But most feed stores sell 50 lb bags of pellets and bales of grass hay for cheap.

Rabbits LOVE attention. He will need time to warm up to you but they’re just as affectionate as dogs 🙂

as for smell, it’s really not that bad. Even for males. If you get him neutered (or spayed if it’s a girl… I’m just more partial to boys :3) the smell is gone 100%! Guinea pigs stink pretty bad though.

Make sure to put plastic tubes on any wires your rabbit can reach!

Also, you may want to look up rabbit rescues in your area… There are thousands of homeless bunnies all over the country! The ones from rescues are also already spayed or neutered, litter trained, and socialized. And they all come with a clean bill of health 🙂

I’d say overall the guinea pig was best, guinea pigs are absolutely great and I’ve owned 4.
1. For affection I’d definitely say the guinea pig as they love to be stroked and cuddled unlike rabbits.
2. Both can wander, but the risk of poop and wee everywhere is high.
3. I’ve moved my guinea pig many times and he is still perfectly happy.
4. Guinea pigs love to be held and stroked.
5. Guinea pigs are so cheap to keep, as long as they have something to keep them entertained.
6. Both need the same amount of attention really.
7. Both can smell quite a lot if you don’t clean the cage often.
I’d definitely go for the guinea pig. But I’d definitely consider a rat. Rats can be litter trained, learn tricks and perfect companions.
Ferrets are VERY fussy creatures. If a ferret doesn’t have it’s way, it will literally ruin your house. Which is obviously a danger if you let them roam around.
Hope this helped.

Guinea pigs can’t be litter box trained, and I would never let a guinea pig run around an apartment. Guinea pigs are a bit more energetic, but both are affectionate. Guinea pigs in my experience can get more freaked out about new people, but Rabbits are pretty chill. And rabbits I’ve played with like being held.

I think a rabbit is what you need. Guinea pigs aren’t as energetic when it comes to floor time, however our bunny loves running around the house. Rabbits are easier to litter train than guinea pigs.

1. Yes, rabbits are very energetic, and our bun even licks our arms!
2. Absolutely, and they will thank you for it.
3. You’ll need to bunny proof the apartment (No wires/harmful things able to get chewed or eaten)
4. Yes
5.Unlike guinea pigs, female rabbits need to be spayed because they will have a longer life span. They can get ovarian cancer.
6.Guinea pigs need more attention than rabbits
7.Rabbits have almost no smell. Guinea pigs don’t either, it’s just all on their cage and feces.

I vote rabbits. rabbits are more quite and they are bigger so easier to see. they are more cuddly also. Guinea pigs squeak a lot. for low maintenance i suggest getting a cage that has a pan underneath it because then all you have to do is pull out the pan dump it out and put new bedding away. consider that rabbits do live a long time. mine lived up to 10 years. im not sure about guinea pigs though. as for energetic and affectionate it depends on the personality of the animal. I know the rabbits with straight up ears tend to have more energy and the ones with floppy ears are more affectionate. Rabbits are easier to potty train. all animals are going to be wary in a new environment. They will eventually warm up to the house and new people though.

i would make sure that you have all the cords tucked away though because they both like chewing on things.

A ferret seems like a perfect pet from what you’ve said!

1. Ferrets are VERY energetic and most love to love you!
2. Ferrets love to wander and explore their surroundings.
3. Ferrets can live anywhere and are very adaptable.
4. Ferrets are good with being handled as long as you handle them often.
5. Ferrets aren’t the most low-cost pets, they need the most of the things a Guinea pig needs, but some owners like to get them large cages (although you really don’t have to), but a simple cage that they can walk around in a little and spread their legs will do.
6. Ferrets do need attention, but don’t need to be with you 24/7. They can do fine a few hours-days on their own as long as you still care for them and do give them attention eventually.
7. Ferrets have “stench glands” that you do need to have surgically removed by a vet, but most have those removed before you even get them yourself. They can also be litter trained!!!

If you do get a ferret just remember, they are very curious and like to explore. You may find yours getting into your dresser and stealing your socks. lol
They are VERY fun and amusing to watch and care for.

i think the same as the other guy. rabbits your going to have to rabbit proof your room if you don’t want to have your bunnie getting zapped or starting a fire while your gone because its chewing on wires or anything else. and when they are allowed to stay out for however long they want when it is time to get back into the cage they see it as a punishment. any sort of rodent type animal you kind of do not want it to be running around all the time, especially when you are not there. maybe a chinchilla type thing or a pet rat? how about some oscar fish? they are pretty cool, except that they eventually need a big tank.

I would go with the rabbit. I don’t know much about them but I have had one before. They do like having a lot of space but still having someone there with them. They aren’t very caring for anybody (in my opinion) but they don’t mind a companion. it might be a good idea to get two(for when you get busy) for companionship. As far as litter box training i haven’t tried before, but i am sure you would have to put quite a bit of work into it. Also in my past experiences rabbits like to find a little hole to curl up in for hours. If you don’t want to have to spend time looking for it you might want to find an apartment that has little or no small spaces. Also it might be a good idea to make a spot where it can curl up so you always know where it is.

From all that you are saying, a guinea pig isn’t really the best thing. A ferret would be perfect. They are play full, fun all around animals who love to be held, and have fun. Although, no matter how much time you spend with it, they do need another one to keep it company while you are gone. Ferrets don’t mind moving around too much, as long as they get familiar with both places they will be living in. They don’t cost much to take care of. The only thing that cost a lot is the cage and the ferret(s) it self. If you are looking for something cheaper, go for gerbils.
I have to of them, and they are almost like a smaller version of ferrets. They are cute little critters, and they don’t mind being handled as long as you establish your trust with them. They cost half as much as a ferret, and to get everything they need and more plus the gerbils it self, it only cost 100.00 f0r everything and more! But, just like a ferret you need two gerbils, and if you get only one it can die of depression.
For a gerbil, you will need—
1. Care fresh bedding, at least 2/3 inches in the cage at time.
2. A tank not cage, they can chew through the thin wires of the cage.
3. Fiesta gerbil/hamster food mix
4. water dish
5. food dish
6. chew toys, their teeth frow huge
8. an open mind, they will need a day alone before they can get touched.

Ferrets need a lot more than that, and they cost a lot more. Just make sure before you purchase a ferret or gerbil, you know you can get two. They need another one, or they could likely die of loneliness even if you spend time with them. they need another species of their kind to have around.
Good luck, hope I helped !

(If you cannot get a ferret or gerbil, I would go with rabbit or hamster, they are friendly, and love to be handled.)

i would say 2 guinea pigs they are fun cute and easy to look after

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