What is the relationship between Nation and State?

These are the formal definitions, which aren’t exactly in line with how the words are used in everyday speech:

A nation is a group of people who share a common nationality, but there isn’t necessarily territory or sovereignty involved. Good examples include the Sioux Nation and the Jewish people.

A state is a sovereign, independent country. It might be a multinational state such as China, Austria-Hungary, or the former Soviet Union. But a lot of them are combined: one nation is contained within a state. That’s called a nation-state, and these became popular right after World War I.

Relationship Between State And Nation

as best i remember (i never took a polysci course, but a read a couple of text books in the 70’s)
nation is a group of people that are of like values and history
state is a political entity
indian nations are the various american indian peoples
USA is a state , or more likely
USA is a superstate: a collection of disparate states under a single government

very good question, gives me a whole new line of reasoning for the
state sovereignty discussion

The general tendency has been toward centralization, with the federal government playing a much larger role than it once did. There is a continuing debate over “states’ rights”, which concerns the extent and nature of the states’ powers and sovereignty (in relation to that of the federal government) and their power over individuals.

same thing

both mean Country. though state, confusingly, also means individual states within a country.

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