Tap water vs. bottled water?

1) Is it really better to drink bottled water over tap water? and WHY?
2) What is the best bottled water to buy?
3) Would it be better to buy a filter for tap water, rather than buy bottles?
4) Since we are exposed to tap water through many other cases than just drinking it (i.e. dishwasher, shower, laundry,…

1. Yes your not using plastics! The plastic bottle water comes in is bad for you especially if exposed to heat, plus it ends up in a land fill. Its cheaper to carry your own watter bottle as well.

2. Biota…”Blame it on the altitude,” it is a colorado based spring water using corn to make the plastic and dissolves over less time than traditional bottles.

3. Yes, it will help you out as well as the environment.

4. You could get a water purifier put on your house but they are more expensive. Soft purified water helps with laundry you can actually use less landry detergent, but you can do one step better buy using rain water, with a water system in place.

1.unless you live in a 3rd world country or are experiencing flooding say after a hurricane , NO

2. Id advise against it, but there probably isn’t a best one to buy. Look for a bottle that says it uses less plastic, atleast that way you wont do as much damage.

3. If you live in the US or any 1st world country, tap water is just fine. If your gonna be weird about the water you drink, then you can get a filter.

4. Exactly.

I get bottled water because it has a better taste.

And I don’t feel safe about drinking tap water because scientists are starting to say that some of the medicines that goes down the drain isn’t filtered so they end up in your drink.

But the bad side of bottled water is that they go to land fill unless you recycle them, which people usually don’t do.

1) Tap is as healthy as bottled. In fact most bottled waters started as tap.
2) I bottle my tap water in stainless steel reusable bottle. That’s the best.
3) A Brita or PUR filter system will be all the filtering most will ever need.
4) When i was a kid, we drank from a hose that was laying in the yard. I’m sure my tap is way cleaner.

How bottled water works:

Get bottle.
Put tap water into plastic bottle.
Wait for water to be contaminated by plastic.

bottle because tap is from sewer it is kind uv pureified bit somtimes it misses condoms and neddles dont want to drink that but if you warm it up relly hot first then cool it it should be fine

tap water is better for you because it contains floride that helps your teeth

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