So if it's okay for Christians to celebrate Christmas, why don't we make up other holidays too?

Where's the limit? How do we know what to celebrate?

~Why don't we have one day set aside every year for hot air balloon rides in order to celebrate Christ's ascension to heaven?

~ Why noy have three days of swimming parties in the summer to celebrate/symbolize Christ's three days in the…

It’s not ok to celebrate Christmas because that wasn’t Jesus’s Birth. It doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible to celebrate Jesus’s birth. Christmas came from paganism; it’s the birthday of the sun god. (Jeremiah 10; Gal.4:8-10)
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th ed., article: “Christmas”
Valentine’s has a god named “cupid” which is the same god for “Christmas.”…

Scripture doesn’t mention Jesus’s birthdate or any christians celebrating His Birthday. The only birthday mentioned besides Pharoah is the heathen king Herod. “Christmas” means “mass of Christ”; the celebration coexisted in Rome before there was any in Jerusalem. The early Roman Church however did establish a pagan festival that (Jer.10) coexisted with Jesus’s Birth and that was the birthday of the sun god. (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th ed., article: “Christmas”). The Catholic sources admit that Christmas didn’t co-exist with the earliest festivals. Jesus wasn’t born Christmas; even scripture makes this evident. “On the night of Jesus’s birth, the shepherd’s were still keeping watch over their flocks.” (Luke 2:8). The rainy season in Ancient Israel began after the Feast of Tabernacles which generally is early October. In November, it would be cool and wet; the flocks from the pasture had already been brought and kept in winter quarters by the shepherds. This tells us the shepherds were no longer in the fields at night. Another peice of evidence is overlooked is in Luke 1:35-36; it tells us John the Baptist was born to Mary’s cousin Elizabeth six months before Jesus. And as we look further in verse 5-17, we see Zacharias an elderly priest burning incense on the altar and then an angel appearing to him and telling him that he and his wife would have a son to prepare Christ’s Way. We know however when this announcement was made by the angel because of Zacharias was “of the course of Abijah” Please look at 1Chron.24:1-19; it tells us that King David divided these priests into 24 “courses” that served in the temple by rotation. The Course of Abijah would be the 8th of the 24 courses which usually would occur around the end of May. Pentecost came the week after the 8th course served and he had to serve all 24 courses during the three festival seasons. So Zacharias came home approximately after the first week of June; in which John the Baptist was conceived around mid-June and 9 months later would be his birth. John Baptist’s birth came around mid-March while Jesus’s was around mid-September. Also notice every year people claim 3 wise men seen Jesus in a stable; is this really true? The Bible nowhere states “3 wise men” or “that the wise men visited Jesus in a stable”. Read for yourself: (Matt.2:11); these Magi came from the east beyond the Euphrates River which in the 1st century was called the Parthian Empire (the eastern border of the Roman Empire).

You can read the rest on:……

Pagan days are: New Years, Valentine’s, St.Patrick’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and Birthdays. (April Fool’s Day = lie)

Easter is pagan!

As far as I know the other holidays are good. Fourth of July is our independence(our freedom) as Thanksgiving is for giving and giving thanks. Nothing to do with paganism here.

There are certain feasts today; we supposed to keep–I do anyway as some christians. We’re commanded to keep them because Christ and the Apostles kept them. They are the Sabbath Day Saturday and the Sabbath Feast Days. They symbolize different things.
SABBATH-THE DAY OF REST (Exodus 20:8-10; Rev.14:7)

@Passover pictures Jesus Christ’s shedding his blood for the sins of the world. (John 19:14)
@Feast of Unleavened Bread pictures the Christian’s duty to”put out sin” from a life yielded to Jesus Christ. (Acts 12:3; 20:6; 1Cor.5:6-8; Mark 14:1-2)
@Pentecost pictures the Christian’s receiving God’s Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:1; 1Cor.15:20; 16:8)
@ Trumpets pictures a time of war and plagues concluding with Jesus Christ’s return. (Matt.24:31; 1Thess.4:16; 1Cor.15:52.
@ Atonement pictures the binding of Satan at the beginning of the Millenium and the world becoming at one with God. (Rom.5:11; Rev.20:1-3)
@Tabernacles pictures the Millenium, when the earth will be ruled by Jesus and his saints. (John 7:2-14; Rev.20:4-6; Zech.14)
@ Last Great Day pictures the coming “Great White Throne Judgement” at which all humanity not previously called will have the chance to hear the True Gospel and accept salvation. (John 7:37)

Okay so why don’t we just take away all of the Holidays. I mean come on the 4th of July? Hello If we are going to celebrate that day we might as well have a holiday for the day the Emancipation Proclomation was signed, We should also have one for the Equal Rights Amendment, oh yeah and we should take a day off work to remeber President Kennedy, I mean we have Martin Luther King Day. What about the Moon Landing- that was a significant event shouldn’t we have a holiday for that too. I mean Labor Day what is that all about any way- we celebrate that we have to work- what about Memorial Day?- How morbid is that they day we celebrate dead people and take flowers to their graves. I can keep going, but I will spare every intelligent person who is reading this.

Your an idiot- get over yourself if you don’t like Christmas or Easter or any other Holiday that makes people happy- then you don’t have to celebrate it.

There’s a good couple of books out there you should look into
“The case for faith”
“The case for Christ”

I don’t have mine in front of me at the moment, so I do not recall the author, but I’m betting you could find either on

They’ll help you with this question tremendously.

Christmas has a long history that far predated christianity. That’s why it is a legitmate holiday.

Because there are no ancient pagan holidays to bastardize like that and turn into Xian holidays!

Your aare retarded. WE celebrate christmas because of christ’s birth and easter because of his death. THey are the most important days.

Good ideas, I would vote for them.

Yes it is.

Godd idea i am with you all the way!!!!

Have some issues do you? lol

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