Smoked weed last night for the first time. Is this suppossed to happen? HELP!!?

Dont judge me. I was with two friends and they wanted to smoke so we went to some house in the ghetto and bought 3 grams then went out on some dirt road and pulled over. While they were breaking it down, they gave me like 5 seeds and told me if i ate them, i would get more high. So i ate them. Then, after 3 hits, i…

No, the seeds weren’t laced. Seeds have little or no psychoactive chemicals in them. Your mind was playing tricks on you.

The idea of “laced” weed is promoted by anti drug people. Lacing weed costs money, do people don’t do it. In the 70s, occasionally people would lace weed with PCP, but it was quite rare.

You’re just a light weight. You probably shouldn’t smoke weed, because you can’t handle it. It’s not your thing.

If anything was laced, it wasn’t the seeds. And no one eats the seeds. You probably wouldn’t be able to feel the seeds at all.

No, the seeds could not have been laced and they do not get you high if you ingest them. You are just a light weight.

That sounds like Datura or morning glory seeds. Basically your friend’s are arseholes and messed with you. Be glad you had a good trip anyways.

LMFAO!!! ur a dumbass for eating the seeds! the seeds dont do ****! you puked yeah thats normal ig i never have but my boyfriend has. hearing stuff eh, u musta been really high hahaha sounds to me like everything is fine sorry ur first experience wasn’t awesome but everything is fine now so chillax and if you dont like it you dont have to do it ever again

Yeah some people puke the first time. and people gotta stop thinkin theyre weed is laced. they dont do that just to fuuck wit you.

I question whether you were able to differentiate seeds and pills.

Sounds like you were just super high.

im calling the cops XD

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