Should the Democratic party ask Hillary to do us a favor and drop out of the race?

Obama has a lot of things to get done, he also need to rest for his big fight with McCain… Do anyone agree that hillary should step aside for the sake of the party?

no I don’t..personally I do not want unity and cooperation with a republican congress and administration that brought us preemptive war, torture, world hatred. trillion dollar deficits. record spending, new bureaucracies. patriot act, fascism, campaign corruption and scandals, outing secret agents,. immunity from testifying, if you are in executive branch ,treats to suspend the right to filibuster, election fraud, lack of voter confidence, loss of civil rights, more abortions, imperialism, tax cuts for the rich to tune of 70 billion in time of war and tax cuts to vets, food and housing programs, child support enforcement education etc to the tune of 50 billion to offset them, spying, lying us into war, outsourcing, rotten economy and so much more,.Am you kidding me..I want a real democrat who will fight for a real democratic platform not keep us stuck in the middle and we will give you this and we will take that…heck can light have peace with darkness.

This is the same crap the dems brought us in 2006 when we gave them a clear mandate to end the war and a cry for impeachment, bending over backwards to show the conservatives we will not change things much just a small tad ok..pleasee vote for us in 2008 for doing this..yeah if they want that then they should gain the independants and conservatives and lose the democrats…pander to those who vote for you and then try to pretend you are a true dem while acting so much unlike a dem except for continuing to be spineless….I don’t believe care not for the people any of you just winning and showing those who rig you in that you can cooperate just as well as the reps (as I feel 2006 was also rigged but this time for the dems to show us hey there is no vote fraud as too many were finding out the system is a total fraud so lets try to reel you back in again by making you think your votes maybe do count..clever devils these powers that be.

Obama, who wants unity and bending over backwards to join hands with the likes of grassroots activist friends were furious with the dems when they did this and I, for one, feel Obama will not fight for the dems platform..neither will Hillary likely as she too is corporatist taking hedge funds from bankers like him but at least with Hillary we know we might get closer to the way things were when Bill was president..with Obama we know little beyond his flowery words.

The only plus to Obama is maybe he has a better chance of getting dissatisfied votes from, reps mad about Mc
Cain and young and independent but really does it matter when the voting machine companies are still owned and votes counted by partisans republican companies with secret preprogrammed software that rigs elections…now they might rig it in dems favor and they might not but Obama and Clinton and McCain are all bought and paid for and no saviors for us are found there..

I for one do not want someone who is trying to bring us hand by hand in loving cooperation with the likes of the terrible republican leaders (I am not talking about regular conservatives but those in power who are all corrupt on both sides mostly)

If TPTB did decide to give us a women this time at least she might have some compassion and communication skills to get the people a few things even though the rich get a major piece of the no I do not want her to step aside as if I don’t vote third party I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary.

Romney did not step aside to care about the party..he stepped aside cause he thinks both dems will lose and hopes to run again in 2012 and if he acts like a good boy now maybe they will pay him back a little for dropping out..none of these people do not put themselves first. don’t forget that.


But you know what the scenario will be…

Make a statement: She will announce that she’s dropped out of the race.

Make an opposite statement: But five minutes later she will claim her words were misinterpreted.

Blame: She will then blame some vague enemy – a right wing conspiracy, a bimbo, her opponent, the press – for starting a rumor that she dropped out.

Manipulate the press: Bill will claim the press is not accurately reporting the story and try to manipulate the corps. (Along the lines of “The other side plants these stories and you guys run with it because you’re idiots.”)

Cry like a victim: Finally, she will bawl about how hard it is to care so much about America when these attacks about her dropping out of the race distract from the issues at hand.

The minions are manipulated: Elderly women all over the country will jump to her defense. They will pick up the cause – poor Hillary – run to the polls and give her more votes. For some reason, that demo group loves to be played by the Clintons.

So Hillary’s announced dropping out will morph into her being victimized by those with plots against her from which she will emotionally fight back.

Clinton has stated a firm policy on many issues Democrats care about and has in the past has tried to bring those issues to the forefront, she is not perfect and neither is Obama; Obama has been somewhat vague on those same issues, people naturally like to see a young energetic politician and some influential politicians have compared him to JFK.
JFK was a popular politician also but also a real person like us.
His brother Robert in my opinion really did walk the talk. His son and Caesar Chavez’ son have endorsed Clinton not because of some personal issue but because they believe Clinton can keep her promises.
On the other hand you have most of the Kennedy clan endorsing Obama out some personal issue.
I think both Clinton and Obama would make great leaders of this nation and I hope we get eight years out both of them in office.

Yeah I think you got that right on the Head… They should tell her to go home, and get out their and support obama.. But I do disagree on you with the Big fight with McCain.. LOL.. Poor little old man McCain dont stand a chance.. I think he was set up by the Media to destroy him.. Ya know kinda like John Kerry was in 04.. President Barack Obama.. Sounds damn good to me..

Obama should drop out of the race and pledge his true allegiance to Osama

yes but the problem is in the logic with obama….NO TAX AND SPEND LIBERAL is good for the united states. obama will not recognize a fundamental principle. there is nothing wrong, illegal, or immoral about the american taxpayer getting back more of what they legitmiately earn. i agree wit you concerning hillary but NOT obama.

go john m.

No, they should ask Obama to drop out.

The Party “owes” Hitlery the nomination, don’t matter if Obama gets the delegates, the “Super Delegates”(Elitists of the common man party) knows what’s best for you and they are going to cram Hitlery down your throats…

time for u to take medicine to think of this idea

the one guy to drop out is obama, as he is divisive,inexperienced, and flipflopping…

It would probably be the Democrats best chance to win the election.

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