Should i dress,live and act like a woman since i`ve been hurt emotionally by all the women i`ve dated?

Im a 35 year old man that has been hurt by every woman that ive ever cared about . ive been thinking about going ahead and dressing and acting like a woman but im not sure if i should .i do like looking at womens sexy clothes and feel like i should buy some but im not sure what i should start out with.

Seems you are using the pain you have suffered as an excuse to do something you want to do anyway.

Dress, live and act like a woman if you wish, but do it because you WANT to, not because you’ve got some score to settle.

Changing your life so profoundly will only make you even more unhappy if you are not committed to having a good life.

Changing yourself just to wallow in the pain of past rejection is a sure recipe for trouble ahead.

If you do choose to be happy, start with buying and wearing some items which won’t be immediately noticeable ~ camisoles and knickers, perhaps.

You can get good advice about this from a retail outlet which specialises in such items. If you are shy about going into such a shop, try an online retailer to begin with.

Try it for a while, and then go on to other garments.

You’ll probably know yourself when you are ready to move onto the next step.

Take care! 🙂

The fact you’ve been hurt by women and wanting to dress as women are, or should be two completely different issues.

If you want to be a woman, transvestite then you should go for it if it makes you happy and feel your true self.

But you should try and deal with the problems that may have risen from being hurt in the past.

ok ur thinking out of the box here, no u were born a man, live a man stay a man, you would be much happier if u focus on what you got now, not what u dont have . you will find out that u will go through the same kind of hurt form men, by being a women.. stay a man dude … being gay does NOT solve lifes problems, you need to forget those girls and start looking for girls with better attitudes , or search for a girl with a good personalitly not good looks,

1st, become completely happy without a relationship. Then figure out the signs and symptoms of bad women, which you can by looking at my questions and answers. All the while, you should be improving yourself, your self-esteem, your earning potential, your health, your cleaning/cooking/organizing habits. You might be strong in these areas, but find a few you’re not, and improve them. Oh, BTW, you’re 35, so if you stick with women your age and older, you’ll have far fewer problems. For good men who have your experiences, it’s about minimizing risk..

I’m not sure rejection is the best reason to experiment with transvestitism, but if you feel like it try it. Could be a whole new world for you.

And for some of the earlier posters Transvestite does not necessarily = gay.

If you’ve been hurt by women then why do you want to dress like them? Don’t think it’s the answer to your issues with women.

do you want to get attention? Which normal guy wears and acts like a women just because he was hurt?

I’m not into transexual/gender related acts myself, but I wouldn’t recommend listening to any of the people that come on here. Most are conservative and will tell you ‘Not to do this or that’.

Do whatever feels right to you, not what everyone else says you should do.

I’m sure you’re already doing that. Men are constantly hurting women… But I think I understand you –…

buy some then, if you are 5.10″ and a size 8, i’ll send you my exes clothes. there are two large boxes full, everything you would need bar underwear.

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