Schools and such for troubled teens?

My gf was tellin me how her cousin (16) was more or less kidnapped at 4 in the morning, taken to a private airport, and brought to a institution or school or something for “troubled teens”. they wernt allowed to talk to any one for months and they had different levels, 1through 6 , based on…

I wasn’t kidnapped at 4am. But i was in an institution like you are describing when i was 11 i am now 23. I was abused in every way possible and had a bad past. The place was called Gerard.

Another place i was at is Francis Lauer.

well i know their is one in Utah called the Logan river academy but i am pretty sure they dont have maggots in the shower, if that place does then how would it pass the health inspection?

No clue about the name of the school, but I have heard about schools like that. My parents looked into it for my younger sister. Kinda like boot-camp for teens.

OMG I’ve never hear of a school like that! That sounds awful!

its probably an alternative school

try google

is this a lie??

ummmmm ok?
i kinda dont get it? 🙁

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