Problem with neighbors daughter bulling my daughter-How do I get the parents to listen?

My 8 year old daughter is being bullied by a 12 year old girl. Today the girl was hitting and pushing down my daughter, the girl really beat her little 8 year old brother to a pulp!! My daughter is friends with the 12 year olds brother so he is over here all the time. Both my daughter and the boy were crying. I…

the next time you get the child alone you scare the s**t out of her and tell her that you will kill her if she hurts your daughter. Just act like a total maniac and then she won’t bother and if anyone questions you just completely deny it and say that is just not your personality.

There are two ways to handle this situtation
~ the civilized way
~ or the fed up mother way

1st~ Go to the police file a report against mother as well as child under assult and battery and also harrasment. If that doesn’t work look for someone to file for abuse charges.And also neglect because if her daughter is beating her son to a pulp as you say mama need her head checked.

~ Go to the school and make a complaint let the police as well as school know you will not go away.If so threaten that this will be all over the news by the hour.

2nd~ Grandma’s theory~~
worked for me

“If you go to school and let somebody beat you, and you don’t do nothing ,I will beat you and send you right back down there”

Tell your daughter in self defense situations only do not stand and be hit knock them right back. Don’t matter that your smaller than them. Bit kick I’m proud of you either way.

I hate to tell you this but if the parents refuse to take responsibility then you need to notify the authorities. This kind of behavior is not normal. And in fact some of it is that of a socio-path. You have an obligation to your community to take care of this problem. Next time she gets abusive with your daughter go out there pull them apart & call the police. Also try & document what is going on, keep a journal & take photographs of the abuse, like any burses or scratches on your daughter. This will help/force the police to do something. I’m sorry it sounds like a horrible situation, but that GIRL needs to be taken care of. AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO BEAT HER PARENTS!

You never will. And I am not a believer in getting the police, etc. involvoed.

I am sure I will get flamed for this–but this is what I did. I enrolled my daughter in a martial arts class. She did use a quick jab with the kid that was bullying her. But more importnat she learned not only the means but the discipline of how to deal with this type of problem–and only resorting to physical stuff if absolutely necessary.

It has given her greater confidence in a number of ways—far beyond the bullying problem.

Since her mother wont listen then call the police. She is assaulting your little girl. That would have made me extremely mad! A teen girl doesnt act like that. I never did. That is terrible and that girl has problems. Her parents obviously dont care. I was mad at my neighbors son yesterday. My 2 boys ages 9 and 7 were outside playing and they like the teenage boys(13) across the street. They genuiniley like him and dont realize he is a bully to I was watching yesterday while my kids were trying to talk to him, and he kept calling them names and telling them he was going to call the police on them if they didnt stop talking, etc…Thank goodness he doesnt hit them or anything. But he is still being mean to them and my 7 year old realized it, but my 9 year old has Aspergers syndrome and thought he was having fun and wanted to go play with this boy…I told them to stay away from him. Obviously your situation is much worse, but Be careful and make sure she doesnt do worse harm to your daughter. She sounds pretty bad.

call the police. Let them have a little chat with her. You are moving so you won’t be there forever. Think of the poor brother. Maybe a trip out from the police with fix the parents attitude

The next time she hurts your child, call the police. If it happens at the bus stop- call the school. If the mom isn’t willing to listen you have to take steps to protect your daughter.

i agree call the police…. my daughter had the same problem with one of her classmate and the mom does not care….
when i called her to talk to her about what is going on she start screaming at me!
so i made sure the whole school stop her ….
i talked to every adult in the school and they were not happy about it .
and they kind forced the parents to take action.
but my next step would have been the police if she has not stopped…

good luck.

yeh call the police.. or government authorities that deal with difficult children. Also report on her behaviour at school. The girl might need counselling to sort out her offensive behaviour or something.

Sounds like assault and battery case. Call the police and report it so they can get a record started on this girl. You will probably need to prosecute.

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