POLL: Twilight books OR Harry Potter books?

Harry Potter books easily. Its a much better read and imaginative story.

The whole Twilight saga really is not that special or original. Its popularity is just hype that has snowballed out of control

Harry Potter

I seriously hate the Twilight series and if I meet Bella/Edward or anyone from the Twilight crap I would kill them. I wish I were Steph Meyer (NOT bcos I like her books, but because I want to kill all her characters) But actually, I’d rather not be Steph Meyer bcos I would wanna kill myself for writing such rubbish if I were her.
Btw, Bella is a a clumsy flatnose who acts pathetic over protective vampires like Edward Cullen (a retarded abusive bloodsucker who wants to eat people up, including Bella)
I sooo hate Twilight!!! It’s just a fairytale novel written for two year olds, and words like “compromise” and “virtue” are continuosly repeated throughout the series! Why does anyone even read it anyway??? Some people have absolutely no taste in books. And in the end it’s “happily ever after the end”. Nothing really develops in the plot and the characters are disgusting (I mean, a 17 year old werewolf imprinting on a baby?!?!)

Btw, I can’t believe people actually compare Twilight to Harry Potter?!?! Harry Potter is the greatest book in the world and I love how it’s a world all it’s own, yet it lies within our world. I love how detailed everything is. J K Rowling actually created spells that occur throughout the books, and we learn them ourselves, so every time we come across them – we know exactly what it means.

It’s just a series that’s easy to get lost in, because there is so much depth to it. In seven books, Rowling taught us so much about this remarkable, fictional yet plausible, world… it’s just amazing. I can’t get enough of it.

Jingle bells, Cullen smells,
Twilight madness go away!
Twilight fans you are retarded
and Potter all the way!

Harry Potter.
I have read both Twilight and Harry Potter, I could not get into Harry Potter. I loved the Twilight book…but in reality the HP series are more well written, interesting and everyone can enjoy it. And its something that won’t fade away…its like a classic.
Twilight will fade away is just another teen fad.

Harry Potter. Everytime.

Harry Potter. I don’t even understand why people think there’s competition between the two. The books are nothing alike, for one thing, and Harry Potter is so much better written, with a much more fascinating plot, and much more lovable and interesting characters.

Harry Potter, definitely.

two different book,two different worlds.
Vampires and Wizards are not comparable.
just because you hate twilight or harry potter doesnt mean you have to put these two books up against each other & its ALWAYS these two.there are other books if you didnt know.
compare the wizards with wizards and vampires with vampires.
stop asking this question,its been asked so many time.

Harry Potter. End of story.

Harry Potter wins again easily. It’s original and probably set the milestone in fantasy writing (just my opinion, don’t go freaking about it). And it’s actually CREATIVE. Don’t try to tell me that glittery vampires are creative. And oh dear, no fangs? Seriously?
Twilight sucks. Just my opinion.

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