LGBT: Do you guys ever feel uncomfortable around the LGBT community?

I know this sounds kind of odd, but let me clarify this question.

So, I was at an LGBT meeting for the first time in my life in college, and I was expecting to find a lot of other different type of people to meet and become friends with, but I noticed that all of the people in the club were the same type: very…

It might just so happen that that particular LGBT group was composed of extroverted, excitable people– generally, people can be shy or loud no matter what they have to do with the LGBT community, so I think you were just unlucky enough to find yourself in a group of people who don’t suit your personality. 🙂 There might be people who, like you, were similarly discouraged from the meetings because of the generally hyperactive attitude.
Maybe going to those meetings might not be for you, but don’t give up hope on making friends in the LGBT community! Perhaps you can find other such meetings, with different people of different types. Good luck!

to be honest, i tried going to an lgbt club once and hated it.
it made me feel more disconnected from mainstream society, but then again that’s just me.

i wouldn’t say i’ve felt uncomfortable around the gay community, but more like frustrated at the fact a lot of lgbt people i’ve met can only seem to talk about being queer or about how crap hetero society is, or have just seperated the lgbt community from everybody else (is that like reversed homophobia or something??).

for me, being gay is of course a big part of who i am, but it’s not all i am, and i get frustrated when people can’t really express any other part of themselves..

I don’t think I have ever experienced this before, Although I am a very shy and introverted person so socializing can be difficult for me in any situation. I would like to go to an LGBT related social group one day though. I think it would be nice to meet other people.

First off, more power to ya. American pronunciations aren’t always correct: I have a very foreign sounding name that nobody here can pronounce correctly. And there are certain loan words that we got wrong, too. How many people have you heard say “Jalllapeenos” or “Eye-Tallian”? But I digress. I wore men’s clothes and no make-up during high school because I shared clothes with my father and brother and we couldn’t waste money on crap like make-up. Girls at school accused me of being lesbian and would make kissing noises or giggle whenever I passed them. I always told them to come and kiss me if they really wanted to keep acting that way, and they usually stopped. But that wasn’t the only thing people got wrong about me. But I’m not big on dumping, and everyone can agree that high school is the armpit of life. Edit: Well, my brother is also gay, and there are a lot of ignorant folks who started saying things like, “oh, it’s genetic, your dad must be gay” (never mind the fact that such a link is shady at best). People can be ridiculous, honestly.

Yeah it was the same with me in high school when I joined gsa. I was expecting to go there and be friends with all the LGBT people but ended up not going anymore.

I do get uncomfortable around others sometimes however it is not restricted to GLBTQ community. I just don’t agree with certain behaviors. It has nothing to do with them as people though. It’s just that I don’t agree with excessive PDA, excessive body exposure, talking loudly about sex when children are present, etc. I guess maybe I’m a little old fashioned there.

only with certain lgbt do i get like really nervous around. I’m fairly butch, but when i’m around REALLY butch like pretty obvious butch lesbians, i feel so…inferior. Just cuz all of a sudden i don’t feel butch enough. it’s weird but i can’t help it. And then transguys or girls, i get a little nervous if i know first off they are trans. At some point i manage to slip and refer to them as the opposit gender (that they were born into). Then i feel like such a jackass cuz i didn’t mean to offend them, but like i said, it honestly just slips out.

You are completely wrong about what an LGBT meetings, an LGBT meeting is to talk about LGBT issues not cars. And no I never feel uncomfortable around LGBt people.

Why should I? I feel accepted and warm and welcome here in the community. I have no reason to feel uncomfortable unless the people I am around are homophobic but other than that I am comfortable around other LGBT members.

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