Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion, what does that mean?

It is about the youngest religion around, so naturally it will grow faster than those that are already established. Its like saying ‘a baby is faster growing than his grandfather’ the grandfather is already grown.

I really don’t know, but, it may soon become a very extinct “Religion” if it continues on the path it’s going.

You see, this is the only “Religion” with a stated Agenda for World Domination and a very bloody History of the genocide of all the Jews in the Arab Peninsula by Mohammad and his followers right in it’s inception. All the Native Arab Jews were slaughtered and the Native Arab Christians were given the choice of living as semi-slave dhimmis or converting; which is why there is no synagogue nor church from the original ones left there, nor any Native Arabs other than Muslims.

Then followed Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and even Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan where the excuse of local Muslims are being persecuted was the cause for their invasion and “ethnic cleansing” to replace them with the Arabs who took over their lands.

They were stopped in the East by the Indians who fought back and repelled them.

Now, if you consider Hitler to have been so bad that it warranted the whole World getting together to destroy his Nationalist Socialist Party, consider the fact that he was like a boy scout compared with the genocides that Islam, which has a Political Agenda for World Domination was responsible for.

They will never relinquish that Political Agenda, because it’s one of the most basic tenets of their “Faith” and if the rest of us allow it, they will slaughter us all like they did with all those before.

Do you think we can afford this kind of menace?

So, who can blame the rest of the World in their taking action to remove this threat by getting together and wiping them out at the cost of high collateral damage, when these people force us to do so?

Pity is that the Muslims don’t seem to understand that their profiling has already begun. That they are being quietly removed from any High Security areas as Maximum Risks. That every non-Islamic Country is making the deportation of their kind a priority. And, that the anti-Islamic Political Parties are gaining in power all over the World and that there are active movements to ban this cult and remove all vestiges of it’s existence happening everywhere.


Because the rest of the World are nobody’s fool and everybody has the instinct of self preservation.

We just saw what a convert did recently, so, do you think we are comfortable with that?

Let’s just wait and see and we’ll all see what happens to them,. in their end.

the Lone Wolf

You are incorrect.

Islam is over 1400 years old, meaning that is the youngest religion around is a bit silly.

That means that from year to year, Islam has gained the most followers out of all religions.

No, it’s because it makes sense, their is no confusion.

Muslims know exactly who the prophet Mohammed is, his full name, the name of ALL his fore fathers, his ENTIRE family and companions.

The full names of his COMPANIONS are well known too, with full information on their families also, along with every single battle the prophet Mohammed fought in along with his companions is well documented.

The authenticity of the Quran is well established, proof is easily obtainable. The 7 scribes one of whom was always by Mohammed’s side writing every thing down through out his WHOLE life, these scribes are WELL known, their full names, names of their whole families, their education and history are all documented.

Millions of people all around the world are memorizing the Quran.

Allah (GOD) in the Quran make HIMself known very clear to the reader, its simple. Just believe in One True Creator without taking any partner. Which is the first 3 commandments of the 10 commandments.

Simple, too the point, a pure form of faith. An innate belief in GOD is what Islam is.

******Just go to “” type in Muslim converts and you will see how many are converting with their reasons.******

It means “its the fastest growing religion”

using your example:
humans age at static rates….however organizations can grow laterally by converts and number of children its proponrnts have

saludos Hermanos

G-d bless
Di-s bendiga


But 1400 years is still pretty old. Christianity is only 600 years older than that.

Judaism is pretty old and it has very few members compared to Christianity/Islam etc.

It means by 2025 Islam will surpass Christianity and become the worlds largest religion.

i think it means that it grew or is growing faster than any other religion has or is growing

muslims usually have more than eight kids, they raise their kids Islam… other religions have two kids and don’t really raise them in any religion

That means ignorance and fear is still very deeply entrenched in many parts of the world.

It means they breed like rabbits.

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