Is this Rape Please tell Me: ?

My friend was having sex with this girl of age she was 22 and they were having sex and she fell asleep and he continued having sex with her when she woke up next morning he told her all about it and she was creeped out and called the cops and told them she was raped. My friend was arrested then… Is that even rape?

NO, not rape. Stupidity….but not rape! If this is true, your friend needs a lawyer, AND a new girlfriend. (Stupidity on the part of the girl, and perhaps your friend for hooking up with such an idiot. Getting “creeped out” and being raped are two different things.)


Did she fall asleep before your friend started having sex? Or did she consent to sex and then fall asleep? If she consented to have sex then no it is not rape. Consent is the key word and the most important issue in this situation.

The only way a woman could fall asleep during sex is if shes drunk out of her mind and if that was the case. Yes it is rape.

How in the world did she fall asleep? Sounds like she was intoxicated and didn’t know what was going on to begin with. So if he took advantage of her because he knew she was wasted, that is rape.

Well, if they were already having sex, that means she had given him consent therefore it cant be considered rape. But it is creepy that she was asleep and he was still doing her. But regardless, she cant charge him. Hope this helps =)

How do you fall asleep in the middle of sex? Either your friend is really bad in bed or there’s something going on.

If it was consensual while she was awake, legally no. Rape cases are for the most part he said, she said, so at first they will have to arrest him until he can prove he’s innocent and it was consensual. He needs a lawyer and any proof he can get.

Damn don’t men usually fall asleep after sex?

It is technically… it’s shady area because she consented while she was awake. Hopefully he can prove she consented and they won’t come down too hard on him. It wasn’t wise or respectful for him to do it, but it just depends how the authorities see it.

Yes it is rape.she did the right thing. he touched her while she was asleep. it’s considered rape

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