Is it not society that has “brainwashed” American girls into believing hairy legs and arm pits are disgusting?

I am 13 and have never shaved in my life, nor do I want to. My legs are fairly hairy, as well as my armpits. Many of my friends shave, but I don't see the reason to, and it seems very random and inconsistent to me. I mean, so many people say having hairy legs is gross, but suddenly having hairy arms is not?…

The whole american society is Effed up.
Society is disgusting…nobody likes nature.
I think you shouldn’t shave, I admire your decision.
It’s natural and it’s not gross…people need to learn to accept themselves.
But everyone knows that here in America everyone is working against and love doesn’t exist..nor does kindness so do what you please…don’t shave, because people who matter wont mind and people that mind it dont matter. A little quote from dr suess (:

Well I’m 15 and I shave, although I’m asian and I don’t grow hair that much. You really don’t have to and you’re only 13. It isn’t gross to have hairy legs. You are right that the society has thinking that it is not normal to shave but some people just expect it. Most people shave their armpits and legs because they are self conscious. It’s not like people are really going to examine your hair.

This dates back to middle ages I think. Women who had money and time were able to pluck their hair away. So, it was at one time associated with being noble.

I am part Italian, I have 5 o’clock shadow on my pits and legs, so I shave everyday. If I am going out, twice a day.

Of course it’s society that’s decided women have to shave and that not shaving is disgusting.

I shave, though. I know I only do it because society expects me to. But, for me, at least, shaving isn’t so bad that I’m willing to take the social repercussions, instead.

If you are, then don’t shave.

I’m a shaved woman and I have dated women that don’t shave. I prefer shaved but it wasn’t a turn off. If you don’t want to then don’t. Like the young woman above said anybody it bothers doesn’t matter. Just own who you are. When you let others get you down you are letting them own you.

You totally have a point with the whole society thing, but I don’t think you will make many friends with hairy legs and pits.. You will probably be made fun of a lot.. also due to what society thinks.. but still..

Whether it’s higher percentage of body fat, menstruation, body hair, etc,
pretty much anything that’s natural for women to have is considered disgusting.

Some people even go so far as to call shaving a matter of “personal hygiene”.
I’mw ondering why that’s the case for women and not for men….

I don’t shave either-
don’t let the mindless sheep insult you.

You’re right, society has had a negative influence on this topic. This being said, I freely admit that I am amongst those brainwashed. Not shaving would just be really ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Its not sexist, you are not a victim, so stop acting like it. Men shave their faces, often their chests, often their heads. If you dont want to shave, fine, but dont be surprised when people gag at your fur.

And about the whole “natural” nonsense, toilets are unnatural. So it toilet paper, and clothes, and tampons, and virtually everything else we use. You want to stop using those too? Shitting in holes isnt much fun.

It’s a different style. Look at it this way, either way no one gets hurt. so you have you way the US has their way.

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