I'm 2 months pregnant?

I’m only 17 going to be 18 in feb but i’m 2 months pregnant do u think i’m way to young

You probably should have thought about that before you had sex. Obviously your are not too young – you’re pregnant

As others have said the question is a bit late now. The reason most think it is too young is most 17 yr olds have not graduated high school yet and have no “real” job prospects. Therefore they have to depend on others to share the burden. Grandmother has to alter her life to babysit so you can go to school or work or the govt. has to help you financially. Neither are desirable circumstances.

You have not learned how much this will change your life yet. At 17 you have not even discovered who you are yet. You will either miss out on much of your younger years or someone else will end up raising the child while you run around being a teenager. Is the father in a stable job where he can actually pay enough child support to make a difference?

I know I was a bit farther along, but when I was 13 weeks(3 months) pregnant I miscarried. I called my doctor at the first sign of bleeding.. it was a very small amount but it was bright red. I figured it may have been from having sex earlier that day, which my doctor said it was most likely from. I felt weird about just continuing work so I went to the emergancy room. The doctor there gave me a pelvic exam and said that things looked perfectly fine. As soon as I walked out of the emergancy room it just started gushing. By the time I got home I went to the bathroom and found my baby. =( This time around I have had spotting again.. and even much to my dismay, I am perfectly fine.. I am now 24 weeks and everything looks healthy! Don’t stress about it too much hun, stress does nothing but make things harder on the baby AND you. Just wait to see what the doctor says and I wish you and baby the best of luck!!

i’m 17 as well
and i am 5 months along
i believe heavily that being a good mom
does not depend on your age
it depends on who you are as a person
i would recommend raising a kid at under 16
but i definitely think it’s a very personal thing
that can’t be categorized like so many people try to do
if you are a level headed caring women
who has a plan for how she is going to support the baby
and doesn’t rely on other people for happiness or income
then you have just as much of a right to have a child as any one else
i don’t know about you
but i am so excited
it’s hard to put into words
i really hope everything goes well for you
have a good day

Of course people are going to tell you you’re too young. It’s never going to be a social norm to become pregnant before the age of 18. (most states age of consent or “adult”) All that matters is that YOU are ready for the responsibility. Watch what you eat and take good care of that LIFE that’s growing. Good luck!

You aren’t way too young. I won’t be 18 until March, and I already have a 4 month old! It feels really weird telling my daughter “Mommy’s going to be 18 pretty soon!” I love my daughter more than anything, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

no hun you’re fine. there is not real “age” to be pregnant. it’s a hard thing either way at ANY AGE! i think as you get older the situation becomes easier because you’re older and probably would have your life together but there is no true age to be pregnant because parenting is nothing that can be taught or learned through classes its something you have to experience on your own and learn how to make decisions based on previous things. parenting comes with SO MANY unexpected events so of course your kinda young but don’t worry bout it. you’ll do just fine hun

Congratulations!! You will be almost 19 when you have your child. You are not too young. Just look at it as you getting an early start while you have the energy to do so:) Good luck mommy! Just finish high school. Make sure you can provide for your child and you will be fine.

Not really, provided you have the maturity level of an adult and can take responsibility for your actions.

The flip side is also true – I once knew a 30 year old who had a couple kids and was about as mature as a sixth grader, so it all depends on you.

I wish you the best of luck.

Kinda late to ask this question, but no. I think your motherly instincts will kick in, and you’ll do just fine. A lot of women/girls are younger then you when they have their first and they do fine. I just turned 20 and am pregnant with my first, and I am not too worried. Heck I was married at your age, and not even pregnant, but because I wanted to be. You’ll be fine!

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