If certain religious people have so much faith, why get so aggressive/defensive towards opposing views?

Just so you know, I am not an atheist, I'm just, you know…personal about it. I don't think everyone needs to know my view. I don't feel the need to convince my atheist friends that they are wrong and threaten them with promises of eternal damnation or bad karma, etc. I don't believe God would…

Religion, politics, and perhaps other kinds of people all think they are right and everyone else is wrong and the further believe their self worth depends on forcing others to think and believe what they think and believe. Very few people are enlightened as are you and I and are willing to be tolerant and supportive of others and their values no matter how stupid they are.

Excellent question, but I really couldn’t plough through the essay.

Most mass religions began based on love, but were hijacked by men wanting power over women, money, etc., so became religions of fear. Slowly the Christian religion is moving forward, but I don’t know enough of the others.

It shouldn’t really matter, should it? If we all live our lives to the best of our abilities, with love instead of fear (which includes greed, intense emotions, anger, etc.) the world will eventually become a better place.

Yet you don’t attribute NOT getting aggressive/defensive to Faith. You stupid bigot.
Faith can never act the other way ? Prove that dumb statement.

Because they really believe that their God is so weak and fable, that they need to
defend him.
Fact is they are an insult to their own God, for thinking that he is so pathetic.

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