I think my wife may be up to something. She has tiny dots tattooed between her thumb and finger.?

We've been married a little over a year. I've always wondered what the dots mean (I swear she keeps gettting more). She's always said it's “A girl thing”. A girl who works at the club where she does has some on her hand and wrist. I saw her the other day and asked her what they mean and…

You suck a 10″ and you get a dot so everyone knows it? Just a guess.

If its 3 dots in a triangle thats not good that is a well known gang. I dont know y she would keep getting more i would go to a tattoo parlor and ask

They are gangbanger tatoos. They rolled the dice, got their number, did that number, then got that many dots tatoo’d on them. It is usually btwn the thumb and forefinger.

They weren’t done at a tatoo parlor.

maybe if she gets a ten dollar tip she gets a dot? why wont she tell you? SHADY…..b.t.w. what kind of club is this that she works at?!?

***online it says three dots between thumb and forefinger stands for “mi vida loca” (my crazy life….)

I don’t know what it means but I don’t understand why your wife doesn’t just tell you what it means. That would piss me off!

It really depends on where you’re from.

But if she wont tell you, its obvious the answer will upset you.

Maybe its a contest with her friends.

How many people she’s slept with?
I don’t know– Weird!!

she’s your wife, she should be telling you what is up! ya know?
She’s trying to be all sneaky though.
tell her to tell you the truth.

go to a tattoo parlor and ask them……they will tell you.

Wow, that’s weird. I have no clue.

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