I need a fun halloween costume!?

I’m going into 7th grade, and I need a fun (but not kiddish) Halloween costume. I have brown hair so something that would some-what go along with that would be nice! 🙂

im an 8th grade girl with brown hair so im gonna assume we’re looking for the same kinda costume. some ideas i had where:

steve from blues clues. all you need for that is kahki skinny jeans and a striped collered shirt. and for your candy bag should be a pillow case that is blues clues themed http://mommysfabulous.com/http://mommysfabulous.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/orig-3592331.jpg

a zombie/ghost thing: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8qd6igyJl1qaqk57o7_r1_250.png that makeup, black, gray, or white clothes. if it gets cold where youlive, this is good cause you can wear layers

shaggy: dark brown pants and a loose green tee shirt, and for your bag get a scooby doo pillow case http://www.listzblog.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/shaggy.jpg

a squint: big glasses, hair in high pigtails, collared shirt that is too small. a bow tie with suspenders, kahki skinny jeans, dress shoes for guys. for you candy bag get something with a microscope or numbers if you can find one. http://www.mastersinit.org/geeks-vs-nerds/geek.jpg

hope this helped xx

Some sort of Disney Princess that has been attacked by a zombie, or made evil? There are various pictures of artwork which show “Princesses gone Bad”, and they’re quite cool. For brown hair, I would suggest Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Snow White, or Jane (Tarzan). I’ll put links to the art in the source.

How about Bloody Mary (Tudor queen known for executing)? You could add a bit of gore, adding emphasis to the “Bloody” part of her name, and carry a bloodied up axe around too.

Another idea is a Dark Angel. Nice angels are usually found with blond hair, while evil creatures usually have dark or brown hair which isn’t very fair on us brunettes (that is, unless you like being evil, in which case you couldn’t be happier). You don’t even need a halo, as dark angels loose their privilege of having halos, and their wings turn black. Devil is also another option, but is quite often used.

If you like Harry Potter, then Hagrid or Bellatrix Lestrange are good options. For Hagrid, you could just add a lot of cushioning to your outfit, add a beard, and maybe a stuffed dragon for baby Norbert. Bellatrix is more of a gothic character, but it’s quite fun to yell “Avada Kadavra!” at other innocent trick or treaters.

If all else fails, look any where in the house, find an object, and dress up as that. Source 5 is a picture of a man who came to a Halloween party dressed as a “Period Ninja” wearing a giant bloodied sanity towel, waving used tampons around. Don’t go as far as that though, that was wrong.

Hope this helps! (I’m going as the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland).

I went as a purple-themed witch last year. It wasn’t a short dress or anything inappropriate, but it was fun to wear! Other choices could be a crayon, vampire, angel or devil!

Disco girl

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