I kno this generation of kids & teens are bad but, aren't our last gen to blame?

I wanna no u guys’ opinions…

I agree. That is always what I’ve said. It was the last generation that parented this one, and it is the last generation in control of all the media, and therefore the all the media and bad influences on young people today.

“I kno this generation of kids & teens are bad”

Well, if you stick with the facts we’re not.

But who cares about facts right? Just listen to the media. They’ll tell you.

Jokes asside. The “youth” is doing a lot better then the ones in the past in terms of addiction, teenage pregnancies(better = there are less off of course), less criminality etc.

Of course this is mainly a result of being generally better informed then past generations.

No and yes. I think personally it’s the world today, Hollywood influences alot of people even if they don’t realize it. But yes because I’ve heard it goes in a big circle and if you look at the clothes from back then it’s kind of true some of them are coming back… And same with the drugs so yeah I guess that makes sense that it was the generation before us

How ironic. This question criticizes this generation AND the last, but uses the worst grammar on Earth.

But yes. 8 year olds look up to their 18 year old cousin and imitate them.

Yeah, I agree.
But, you need to fix your grammar.

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