I have another yahoo account. I forgot the password, security answer & other attached email id. Please advice?

I havn’t use this account from past 1 year but this Id is used to login into facebook account.
Please advice how can i change my password of this account


Yahoo mentions that if an account is inactive for 5-6 months it will automatically get terminated due to inactivity. So, most likely your account got terminated due to inactivity because you said that you haven’t use that account for a year or so now.

Even if you have used that account in the meantime but forgot everything about your account afterwards, then there is no way to retrieve your account back. If you forget the essential things in needed to retrieve an account back, you can not get it back.


~ You can not retrieve an account that has been terminated/banned.

Sorry to break this up to you.

Have fun using Yahoo!

₮ ᗪᴀʀᴋɴᴇss ₮

if you not used it for that long, then it will no longer be there.
the account will be closed down.

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