How can i take control? GUYS? 10 points best answer.?

So me and my boyfriend of 3 years have just started having sex about 3 months ago.
i love him to death and the love making feels good.
but i feel like im just laying there letting him do all the work.

I tried to be on top one time but it just didnt work out right.
I need some tips on what to do.

I would…

its all about the confidence. its good love making but sometimes u just got to have sex! the guy wont mind being on top he will still have a good time but to see u and grab u when ur on top is good to so just practise, u have been together ages so u should feel comfortable talking about it with each other, google different sex positions with him also lol

Be on top and while your doing it, grab your boobs. Gives the guy more to look at and be turned on by.
Switch it up! Be on top and turn around towards his feet, I always liked that.
Doggy style has him doing the work, but if you act super into it, he wont mind =)

stop having sex out of marriage… have some morals
remember that you have a duty to God before you boyfriend

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